Nippon Paper ships first timber from forest thinning project


Nippon Paper Industries is participating in the forest thinning Hokkaido Mori-no-Chonaikai. The project was launched in April 2012 by the environmental NPO Office Chonai-kai in order to link CSR activities of corporations and organizations in Hokkaido to the creation of healthy forests by promoting thinning.

The first thinning has now been carried out, and on Feb 13 the village mayor of Tsurui-mura and other parties attended a ceremony to mark the shipping of timber.

Lack of funds has prevented forest thinning from being carried out in recent years and there is concern for social problems that will result from the devastation of forests.

The price of the ‘paper that contributes to forest thinning’ used as printing paper by the supporting companies and organizations includes 15 yen/kg, which corresponds to around 10% of the existing price of paper. This amount will be used in its entirety to help support forest thinning.

Timber from forest thinning that has been removed is processed into woodchip at Tsurui Mill of Group company Nichimoku Rinsan Hokkaido which is then utilized as part of the raw material for paper at Kushiro Mill, Hokkaido of Nippon Paper Industries.

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    Kimokekahuna Hawaii

    This is beginning of deforestation. Why are you not using bamboo and also Hemp?

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    Droll Quarry

    This is beginning of deforestation

    Not true, it is much needed management of the forests. Thinning reduces underbrush and closely packed trees that cause uncontrollable wildfires that otherwise wipe out everything.

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