Panasonic prepares for 'garage sale,' with 10,000 jobs to go

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    The failed model called Japan, Inc. is coming apart at the seams. Short-term will be much pain. Long-term will come needed reform...if the public finally has enough and demands it.

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    The Cows are Finally Coming Home to Roost....

    Years and Years of Mediocre Tech projects (mostly horrific software development) are finally catching up to these JN companies. Where for the longest time, the Concept of 'Zaibatsu' just lived on and on, whereby other Japanese companies would continually just keep buying other Japanese company products, no matter how terrible (quality wise) and thereby keep these companies in business, mostly paid for by exports... Now that Exports are drying up, even JN companies are finally having to change this mentality, or go out of business..

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    More of this to come. This is what happens when those at the top think they know it all and refuse to listen to anything different from others who know more and know better. The kohai/sempai system and old gits have run this country and their companies into the ground. Shame that its the young who will pay for this all.

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    Peoples lives and livelihoods at threat, harsh for JT to call it a "Garage Sale". No compassion?

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    harsh for JT to call it a "Garage Sale". No compassion?

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    not JT's idea

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    Well, it is just the strong yen effect. If government doesn't do nothing to revert it to create an inflation, that is the natural result. No profit, no advances to develop new products.

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    Looks like one of the tens of thousands of lost jobs is Koyuki's. I haven't seen her in any Panasonic ads recently...

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    Its a HELL of a lot more than the high yen, this problem with J-electronic companies has been in plain sight since the mid 90s easy!

    Japan is just too slow & doesnt pay enough attention to whats happening in the rest of the world & now Japan is paying the price & J-banks are going to get hammered with massive bad debt.

    The mis-management of these companies is going to start bringing us all down if they dont start getting their act together......highly unlikley

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    Panasonic has been too analog for too long. If you want a transistor radio, buy a Panasonic or a Sony. If you want a smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, etc., buy one from an American, Chinese or Korean maker.

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    I hope they can turn around. Panasonic makes some very good products - their plasma TVs are first class and their BD players are excellent value for the money, as are their µ43 cameras. In fact, their BD players were the first to show people that CPU speed really matters when loading a BD - theirs load disks much faster than most other players.

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