Sharp to suspend tie-up talks with Hon Hai, reports say

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    so now no choice for Sharp but to compete with Sony in assets selling (?)

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    It is a shame that a company like Sharp came to this. I really hope it pulls through. But if there is no viable plan to salvage the situation, then perhaps it is better to let it die instead of losing more money on a zombie.

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    Graham DeShazo

    The most viable plan would be some type of consolidation with another Japanese electronics maker ala Sanyo. Then Japan could keep the tech and at least some of the jobs.

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    Inovate. Use the knowhow and the giant list of patents to take down the likes of samsung and htc. With a better exchange rate it might be possible. GANBATE!!

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    It just shows you how people are SauloJpn are so out of touch with today's reality.

    But anyhow... I thought it was interesting what Hon Hai's CEO, Terry Guo said last year about the characteristics of Koreans and Japanese. This proves that he was definitely wrong in the end.

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    Hon Hai or Foxcomm Terry Guo business model is less ideology like Korean Chaebol and loss making Sharp, Panasonic and Hitachi.

    Hon Hai or Foxcomm devotion in integration expertise for mechanical and electrical parts and an uncommon concept - to provide the lowest "total cost of ownership" solution

    Both Sharp and LG can make the Apple Rentina display. Apple does not need to make own mini screen. It have used LG talent and Hon Hai expertise for sourcing parts from everywhere.

    Sharp is good for making large LCD Aquous TVs however they are very uncompetitive in smaller and mid size TVs. Maerket share is shrinking. Unlike Samsung and LG, Hon Hai is not partly owned by multinational co-ops.

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    Sharp should offer VRS for its employees on mutually agreed basis to cut down the cost in its world wide manufacturing network so as to reduce overheads.

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