Sony sells Tokyo office building for Y111 bil

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    Kimokekahuna Hawaii

    I hear Sony is not going to be sponsor of the Sony Open in Hawaii. Videogames should not be the barometer of whether you are going to make money.. kids are growing up and dont have time to sit and playstation anymore the new generation uses smartphones. Sony lost its image as great TV maker.. I met Mr. Morita once.. he came to a show.. and then bought dinner for entire group at most expensive sushi bar in town.. the company has not had the same mana since he died. I think they need to ally with Toyota to make on board video entertainment systems that are interactive and voice activated.. but that is just me.

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    off the wall investments will doom them in, they should stick to what brought them success and focus on being the industry leader as they once were. the sony brand is still held high in regard in the consumer electronics sector. they were once the innovators of the industry, but now they're playing catch-up, as the market has steered towards 'mobility' while sony has been stagnant.

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    I agree that sitting on your hands will lead nowhere! They should bring in new people with new ideas: yahoo, nissan, softbank are just a few of examples of a terrific turn around brought in by a new leadership.

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    @hawai, Whats the sense in putting video games in Toyotas??? Driving is a Joke in Japan, I know, but that is ridiculous. People already play with their Navi non-stop and use their iPhones all the time, watch can you think they should have games now?

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    @Saulo Nissan is also struggling and Softbank has yet to show its future potential Internationally, which I doubt will ever work out. No different. Selling assets in a company is a good move, especially if it is a waste. The money can be used for other ventures or investments. shareholders are more than happy for Sony s move.

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    Peter Payne

    At least their timing was good for once. This company can't seem to catch a break, which is sad since I love Sony and am happy with their products.

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    How does such a deal manage to be partly secret? Who is this unnamed institutional investor? Of course, I may be wrong but whenever large private companies get windfalls I am always suspicious that the taxpayer is the generous party. And my suspicions are often right.

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    Kimokekahuna Hawaii

    Tokyo real estate is worth a lot.. move the corp headquarters to the suburbs where employees can drive electric cars to work and actually see their families after work.. play soccer on weekends.. live life instead of spend life on some train like a zombie.. that will improve productivity.. happiness is productive.. there is no need to commute to center of the city anymore.. much can be done staying at home with skype meetings and working in the cloud.. Sony needs to innovate and be leader in working in a cloud.

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    If only Sony could go back to the days of the Trinitron TV, the Walkman and record profits...

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