Toyota settles wrongful death lawsuit in U.S.

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    Kobuta Chan

    Why this type of accident involving Toyota cars in US only? Even expert engineers from NASA couldn't find fault with Toyota cars' ECU. Paying out compensation is like a partly confession about faulty parts in Toyota car. I have tried simulated by putting Weather mat on top of Accelerator and under Accelerator but I can stop the completely within minutes. I do understand US is biggest consumers market for Toyota Company but Toyota shouldn't scare of this kind of backlash by Toyota car buyers in state. Car buyers know about Toyota car quality and safety record than media. The problem is poor public communication of Toyota Company administration in US. Out of respect to victims of car crashed I don’t want to raise possibility of other matter but some of peoples are talking their view on accidents.

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    The problem also stemmed from floor mats which caused the accellerator pedal to stick to the floor. Apparently, none of the "victims" had the sense to simply turn off the ignition, or shift the gear lever to neutral. But then again, in America you can get a license in nalf an hour for the princely sum of $10, and not even bother with attending driving school. Small wonder that more than 40,000 Ameicans die in car accidents each year.

    The lawsuit nonsense is just welfare for lawyers. In a class-action suit, the firm gets 40%, plus expenses (which can add up to another 20%), and whatever is left over is divided among their clients. I received a check for my share of a class-action suit from Ford Motor Company several years ago. I received 45 cents. The law firm's share was in 8 figures.

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    These Law Suit Lawyers in the U.S. are always very busy...

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    That's the thing about America, nobody accepts responsibility for their screw ups.

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