Toyota's Camry performs poorly on new crash test

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    Toyota has become too arrogant.. Too easy to be the biggest & top manufacturer that used to keep other contenders at a comfortable distance behind, the other side of the coin is : once taken on the world, no target to chase after & 'doing little' mentality prevails ?

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    They still got "top safety pick". And from experience. Toyotas are the only vehicles that perform like new when exceeding 200,000 miles.

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    Subaru have two models in the top ten, Legacy and Outback, and the Forester is a previous winner. Maybe Toyota, who have some shares of Fuji Heavy Industries' Car Division could learn something from the partners. Although Subaru are not one of the largest makers here, they seem to have very few recalls, and are recognised for their excellent boxer engines, reliable AWD system and build quality, the latter probably related to their history as an airplane manufacture, continuing this day with their role in the 787.

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    I would be more interested in a high mileage car that had automatic braking. Avoidance of a collision is the way to think.

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