2 arrested for assault, robbery of man on Tokyo street


Police in Tokyo have arrested two men on suspicion of assault and robbery after they stole a bag containing about 14,000 yen from another man in Shinjuku.

According to police, the incident occurred at around 1 a.m. Sunday in Shinjuku. Fuji TV quoted police as saying the two suspects, Yoshinori Maeda, 27, and Yudai Yoshinaga, 24, approached a 38-year-old company employee who was walking home, and asked him for 10,000 yen. When the man tried to run away, Maeda and Yoshinaga chased him and threatened him. They grabbed him by the collar, roughed him up, then stole his bag and ran off, police said.

The victim called police and a patrol picked up the two suspects about 20 minutes later.

Police said Maeda, who is unemployed, has admitted to the charge and quoted him as saying he needed the money, while Yoshinaga has denied any intent to assault or rob the man. 

Japan Today

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    It is good that the victim is all right. How on earth could something like this have ever occurred in Japan let alone in the Shinjuku section of Tokyo???????????????????????????

    Japan is one of the safest countries in the world. Additionally, Shinjuku is one of the most crowded areas in the City of Tokyo. The Shinjuku section of Tokyo has the Metropolitan Government Building, National offices and a massive business district. As a result, nothing like this should ever occur in Japan let alone the Shinjuku section of the City of Tokyo. Perhaps they should have extremely aggressive law enforcement and play classical music everywhere in public all the way from Naha to Wakkanai.

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    Aly Rustom

    The victim called police and a patrol picked up the two suspects about 20 minutes later.

    That's fast work! Hats off to the police on such a quick apprehension!

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    I think people should be allowed by law to at least carry pepper spray for self-defense purposes.

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    Yes agree with Aly, if something like that happened here in Sydney don't expect the police to turn up in less than an hour and definitely not apprehend the suspects in less than a day...

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    What an admirable arrest! Because of the quick arrest of suspects, they didn't have time to spend the stolen money. My hat goes off to the police.

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    Dre Hund

    Carry a dummy bag and dummy wallet/phone. Personally, I talk into a sardine can when I hit the streets. Nobody bothers me.

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