Body found in food warehouse freezer in Niigata


Police said Wednesday that a body was found in a food warehouse freezer in Myoko, Niigata Prefecture.

According to police, the body was found on Tuesday morning. Fuji TV quoted officers as saying that the skeletal remains were those of a man around 175 cm in height, wearing a blue tracksuit, who is thought to have died around a year ago.

A cardboard box and a pillow were also reportedly found in the freezer. Police say that the man’s remains showed no obvious signs of serious injury and that the cause of his death remains under investigation.

Japan Today

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    Dennis Bauer

    A dead body in a food warehouse for a year, what kind of food?

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    If it weren't for the unexplained "cardboard box" and "pillow", I was wondering if it could have been a freezer that doesn't open from the inside and that he'd become trapped while doing something in there?

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    Mirai Hayashi

    Sounds like suicide... I guess he wanted a little comfort when he died...hence the pillow

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    A dead body in a food warehouse for a year, what kind of food?

    A warehouse of unmissed, untouched food. Gotta be whale.

    If it's suicide, hypothermia's supposed to be a pretty good way to go.

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    A year in a food warehouse freezer without detection? Oh my dog! Don't they ever clean them? I wonder what else is stored in them.

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    Home-made attempt at cryogenics? It's a possibility.

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    suicide in freezer? first time i heard of this method...doesn't it take pretty long to freeze to death, its often used for torture, no?

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    I guess they'll have to sell all that food off cheaply now.

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    I'm guessing more concise reporting would say that it was a homeless man in a disused/derelict freezer.

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    "Skeletal remains" points very to an non-operative or at least non-operating freezer.

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    ^ What Moki said. It must have been an abandoned warehouse with the power turned off.

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    Sounds like a homeless guy that didn't realize that freezers tend to be airtight, and that the supply of oxygen will run out. Especially when you manage to get yourself locked in.

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