Female station attendant subdues violent passenger with judo throw


Police said Thursday that a 21-year-old female station attendant in Yokohama performed a judo shoulder throw on an unruly passenger.

According to police, the passenger, who has been named as 34-year-old Hiroshi Ebina, bought a 130-yen ticket and boarded a JR train at Higashi-Nakano Station, transferring to the Keikyu line before arriving at Yokohama Keikyu Station at around 11 p.m. on Aug 26.

When Ebina attempted to leave the station without paying the full fare, the station attendant asked him to pay the remainder, TBS reported. Police say Ebina then became unruly and struck the young woman in the face several times, at which point she performed a “seoi nage” judo shoulder throw on the man and pinned him down. Other station staff helped detain Ebina until police officers arrived to arrest him.

Police say Ebina has been charged with assault. He was quoted by police as saying, “I only knocked her cap off.”

Japan Today

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    Get Real

    Go girl!

  • 24


    Total props! I'm just sorry she had to take a couple shots before doing the job. We need more attendants like her.

  • 27

    Aaron Loki Brummett

    My faith restored! Good job girl!

  • 15

    Alex Einz

    nice one

  • 10

    Michael Grant

    I think I'm in love!!!

  • 12


    Awesome! Need more people like this girl!

  • 9


    Justice dispensed. 'Nuff said.

  • 11


    Way to go!

  • 16

    Warren Antiola

    What's sad about this is that there are more and more folks like that a-hole Ebina abusing hard workers like that AWESOME station attendant! Kudos girl!

  • 20

    Vernie Jefferies

    I just looked the up the fair amount for his trip, and it's 620 yen for that ride. He certainly went through a lot of trouble to save only 500 yen. I hope they show the video clip on the news tonight. That would be very entertaining.

  • 5


    bwa ha ha..

  • 8


    lol Ebina got owned

  • 8


    Throw away the key on this perp. We can do without people like him in our society...

  • 11

    Gaijin Desi

    Leading Lady in next James Bond movie !!!

  • 4


    Word of wisdom..If she looksdead serious and physically fit - Don't mess with her!!

  • 14


    Karma is a b****! Please give her a raise.

  • -4


    I am love already! I really want to meet her.

  • 3


    Good stuff..!

  • 23

    Jack Stern

    She deserves a hug but I wouldn't try it without asking.

  • 7


    She 's AWESOME!!!!

  • -29


    Yeah, brave girl, but also a bit stupid. This nutcase could quite easily have killed her. Obviously there is a need for trained security guards at ALL stations during the late evening.

  • 3


    Rock on, girl! The jerk picked the wrong person to mess with. Would love to meet her as well.

  • 13


    @Disillusioned ... but also a bit stupid.

    I see your point, but at the same time the phenomena of people putting there foot down now and again helps to keep society together, it is as old a behavior as mankind itself.

    Chances of him having a gun in Japan are as good as zero. A knife, maybe. But she probably was able to judge with great accuracy that Ebina was an out of shape inebriated buffoon whom she could handle.

    Now if someone was robbing her, the odds would change and that would be different.

    @WilliB ... I am love already! I really want to meet her.

    No stalking, OK?

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    Surely there's a video of this somewhere?



  • 0


    “I only grazed her hat.”

    Yeah right. You hit a girl several times in the face and you couldn't knock her out then she slams and pins you to the ground. What a wimp. Lol.

  • -16


    He could have been a total nutter and stabbed her or worse, not sure if other employees will follow in her foot steps. Is it worth your life or being crippled? Much like if a convenience store get robbed, just give them the money. You can then call the police and go through the video footage and black list him

  • -2

    Elbuda Mexicano

    Great for this young lady! Do not take any sh!t from these stupid customers! I, personally, would not like to be her boyfriend, husband, coming home late a bit drunk, with another gal's lipstick on my collar etc..YIKES!

  • 3


    This should have been filmed by a bystander and quickly uploaded to youtube. It would have been nice to see justice being served.

  • 3


    hooray! nice one. Too bad there isn't enough room on the trains, maybe women would start fighting back the chikan hoards

  • 5


    When someone commits a violent crime at 18 or 19 there is always a big outcry for Japan to lower the age of majority but yet this woman is 21 and at least 8 posts have referred to her as a "girl". What's up with that?

  • 0


    Haha that's incredible.

  • 3


    She needs to go undercover n the Saikyo line and bust some pervy types.

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    Mirai Hayashi

    Dayum!! OWNED!!!

  • 5


    “I only grazed her hat.”

    Lets just assume that is 100 percent truth for half a sec, all it deserves. That is called assault. The woman has no idea what you are trying to do. Will the next motion of your hands break her nose? Knock out a tooth? Damage an eye? No idea. And no sense playing nice with someone who has gone to the trouble of making someone fear for their safety like this. So she takes your dumb drunk azz down to the pavement with a judo throw and its your own stupid fault.

  • -14

    Francis Urquhart

    Sad. Japan is getting worse and worse.

  • -2


    So, pinning him down would require behemoth like kilogramage. Maybe they should start hiring more bulky women.

  • 3


    Actually, the one pinned having a chicken chest is enough for a trained woman to keep him pinned. Seen plenty of males here who look like they never so much as bench pressed a pencil in their entire lives.

  • 1


    That's a fantastic story... I think JR have a new poster girl! Hopefully tomorrow we can have her as photo of the day?

  • -2

    The Chronic

    Punk ass dude got himself an ass whippin!

  • 0


    Nice job! I bet the 'tough guy' only weighed a buck-oh-five and thought he could intimidate her.

  • 6


    What an idiot. He's going to get a prison sentence because he was too cheap to pay a few hundred yen and too bad tempered to take it like a man when he got caught, instead he decided to assault a young lady. May he meditate for a long time on his evils while in prison.

    As for the young lady, excellent work. A shame she had to do it, but she stepped up and did what was necessary.

  • 3

    Keith Tarrier

    I wonder how my TV shows have asked her to be a guest already?

    Very cool!

  • 4


    Really loving this new trend of inspiring stories JT. Well done lady!

  • -4

    Tom DeMicke

    They should fly her to New York so she can be a guest on Good Morning America. I don't think they do that in Japan though, heroes don't get glory like in the U.S. Anyway, good job! I really would like to see her interviewed. Wow, what a story!

  • 0


    Apparently a black-belt judoist, no less. The idiot was held down with the help of other station staff. Good job all round.

  • 5



    animated re-enactment of assault

  • 1


    Awesome in the extreme - congrats to the young lady!!

  • 1


    一寸の虫にも五分の魂 "Even a one-inch worm has a half-inch soul." Scratch one bully.

  • 0


    This girl deserves a medal, that would also encourage fellow attendants.

  • 0

    Tavi Cosma


  • 2


    That re-enactment is classic. He hits her like he's Mike Tyson or something heh.

    Cool story but it's kind of depressing that it happens in the middle of a station with some guy who just hits her. Seems that if he had time to take a few swings someone could have helped out.

  • 2


    funny, b/c its the exact same way my wife forced me to propose to her

  • 1


    Great! Gives me confidence in the younger generation. I was about to think they are all wimps - nope - still some real people left.

  • 0

    Cortes Elijah

    Awesome job!

  • 0


    He can insist all he wants, and I'm sure the whole event was caught on security cameras ...

  • 0


    Self defense action completely justified.

  • 0

    Dre Hund

    Being smaller and lighter than the man, she had to nail the move to bring it off. Getting a strong spring at the knees was crucial to the move.

  • 0


    Encoraging news. Gives me hope that Japanese ladies get more selfconfidence.

  • 0


    Yeah, brave girl, but also a bit stupid. This nutcase could quite easily have killed her. Obviously there is a need for trained security guards at ALL stations during the late evening.

    I'm sure most people, especially someone trained in the martial arts, could quickly assess the danger level and act accordingly. Granted there are a lot of nutjobs walking around Japan, but she probably could have done a lot more damage than she did.

  • 1


    This is Japan... I salute you. The right application of Judo.

  • 1


    Yeah, brave girl, but also a bit stupid. This nutcase could quite easily have killed her. Obviously there is a need for trained security guards at ALL stations during the late evening.

    I can understand your concern, but it is about time that the "silent majority" starts to stand up and put bad people in their place. Not saying we should all start be vigilantes, but it is about time we stop pandering and cowering to the jerks of the world and put our collective feet down when they exhibit bad behavior in public. I imagine that this guy is pretty much like the majority of drivers I see here in Japan, tough guys doing reckless things in cars since they are relatively anonymous, but when you confront one, they pretty much fold into nothing.

    Good job lady!

  • 0


    Good for her!

  • -7


    Enough of the hype, lets get real. I doubt she was punched in the face several times, probably just grazed her hat like the guy said. Not many people can do a seio-nage on someone after a good battering in the face. Haven said that, I'm glad it she was able to subdue the guy who was probably drunk.

  • 1

    Jason Lovelace

    GREAT Stuff!! She deserves to get paid double form now on!

    Disillusioned ---AUG. 29, 2013 - 03:01PM JST Stupid? Why so? I think she is well trained enough to do her job, and had the presence of mind to toss this clown for a loop, even after getting hit in the face! That's not stupid, that's DEDICATED!!!!

  • 1


    Wonderful story, good for her. Hope the creep gets a good long sentence for assault.

  • 0


    Awesome article ;D! Ebina got owned for sure ehehe

  • 0


    Judo is Japanese martial arts. Of caise Japanese females took Judo arts in their PE Classes. He is lucky she only used Seoi Nage instead of Kunoichi style marshal arts. He is alive. When they apply for jobs, they uswually write their physical fitness. Often they write what kind if sport they did in their school, Volley ball, Basket ball, and Judou, etc.

  • 0


    Seems that if he had time to take a few swings someone could have helped out.

    Official police policy here in Japan is for citizens not to intervene with force, numerous instances where the hero has been prosecuted for assault.

  • 0


    "Enough of the hype, lets get real. I doubt she was punched in the face several times, probably just grazed her hat like the guy said. Not many people can do a seio-nage on someone after a good battering in the face. Haven said that, I'm glad it she was able to subdue the guy who was probably drunk."

    People want hype and quick to judge anyway, is it a good thing or a bad thing? that's said, I hope he doesn't hold grudge, it can be make someone become quite dangerous.

  • 1

    Dennis Bauer

    “I only knocked her cap off.”

    I guess then that he missed a few times.

    Employee of the month!

  • 2



    " Judo is Japanese martial arts. Of caise Japanese females took Judo arts in their PE Classes. "

    You can be sure that she has more Judo experience than her PE class in school! Otherwise, there is no way she pulled of a seoi-nage against a male resisting opponent, even if drunk. I bet any amount she practises regularly and has a dan rank.

  • -4


    Most martial arts is bs, judo is one of the exceptions but still, if a man or lady gets smashed in the face several times, she won't be able to grab his sufficiently to do seio-nage because they dont' practice getting hit in the face like that. In MMA they are use to getting hit in the face so they are better at actually using the techniques. This is why I doubt very much she was hit in the face and likely he slapped her hat or something and he was drunk.

  • 2



    Actually, there is no way you can "practise" getting hit in the face. A knockout is a knockout, period. What they practise in MMA is precisely avoiding to get hit in the face... I agree that the video reconstruction is nonsense. Clearly, he wanted to punch her, but clearly he missed. And then he got his well-deserved response.

    Anyway, high-five to the girl again!

  • 1


    Sounds like an ippon! give the lady a gold medal!

  • 0


    WilliB, The beginning of Judo lesson is 1. throwing or take down an opponent to the ground. 2. immobilize or subdue an opponent by pin, She only used the basic skill. Nagewaza, very basic judo.

  • 1

    Ah So

    She should be given some type of medal...maybe by Abe?

  • -5


    But employees should not fight back. You or your company might put themselves in a middle of lawsuit from injuries. No matter how much your pissed off, you don't fight back. You call the authorities. The man might've been visibly drunk and his disturbance was based on a legitimate problem. There is a huge range of possible scenarios. Did he tried to hit her face or knock off her cap by accident? Was she hurt? It's her word against his word. It's impossible to tell from this story what really happened. I have seen workers in places like this get really aggressive, but I have also seen customers do the same. I can see how people can loose the plot and explode. For the employees there is no protection from customer abuse and couple that with the management driving you to make you work in a extremely stressful environment, especially during busy periods. Management has to train employees properly in a event such as this.

  • 1


    Pass the word, Hiroshi Ebina whipped by a girl when he got abusive. This will demean him more than any prosecution.

  • 0


    Cops and Security officers must be thanking her to ease their future investigation on a rude man, Also, DA does not have to make its investigators to work day and night to catch this guy, Meaning saving overtime payroll.

  • 1


    This is the kind of news I like to read! A young woman putting into practice what she has learned, probably for self defense and/or physical fitness, and doing the right thing at the right time: incapacitating a jerk, not just because of fare dodging but because he became abusive and assaulted her. I don't think the JR will encourage others to try the same, but what the woman did may instill admiration and pride and other workers may start taking judo or other martial art instruction. Physical fitness and basic self defense can be useful to anyone.

  • 1


    People better behave themselves in Yokohama station. To do otherwise could be humiliating.

  • 2


    She opened up a whole new can of whoop @$$! You go girl!

  • 1


    There is no way to criticize her she did the right thing and kept it reasonable. It was an assault and she defended her self and her role as attendant. Everything was done well. I am sure the police are impressed and grateful. The man deserves a long sentence for assault and criminal misconduct. Well done.

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