Ibaraki pawnshop robbed of goods worth Y3 mil


Police said Monday they are on the lookout for two men who were captured on CCTV cameras robbing a pawnshop in Mito early Sunday morning.

The men are believed to have used crowbars to force open the door of the store at around 4 a.m. before proceeding to steal around 100 items, including brand goods, necklaces and watches, TV Asahi reported. The goods are believed to be worth a total of around 3 million yen.

The two-man team tripped the store alarm and was caught on security camera. However, by the time police arrived, the men had left the scene and later analysis of the CCTV footage revealed that both men had hidden their identities by wearing ski masks.

Japan Today

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    HAHA, they left before the cops got there: Of course They look at CCTV: Darn! they are wearing masks! What should we do now?

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