Internet cafe employee stabbed in Tokyo's Shinjuku


Police are searching for a man who stabbed an Internet cafe employee in Tokyo’s Kabukicho entertainment district on Sunday night.  Police said they received an emergency call about 6:30 p.m. from the employee saying he had just been stabbed with a knife by a man aged around 40.

According to the victim, the man appeared at the entrance of the fourth floor establishment and demanded to be let in. The 26-year-old employee opened the door and turned to walk back into the establishment, at which point the man stabbed him in the back and fled. According to doctors,  the wounds are not life-threatening and the man is expected to make a full recovery in around two weeks. 

The victim described his attacker as being around 40 years of age, roughly 180 cm tall and wearing a green sweater.

Compiled from news reports

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    Disgruntled customer??

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    Ahh! SAFE Japan.

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    Be careful around the strip clubs boys and the InterNut cafes... it could happen- if you take someone's girl(s). That is one dodgy red light district and the cops speak English.

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    Or he got stabbed by an Audrey member, that is well known. ;)

    Kabuki-cho is not that safe, had a few friends that got mugged there(granted not by japanese).

    Shibuya, Shinjuku, Roppongi, Ikebukuro, etc and even outlying areas like Shimokitazawa, Nagano, Kichijoji, Tachikawa, etc seen quiet a crime increase over the last few years.

    Overall crime is up like shoplifting, theft, etc and I don't expect it to get better soon.

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    Many scum bags in and around Shinjuku, this has to be one of the worst parts of Tokyo, so I am not surprised. I do not feel comfortable taking my wife and kids around Shinjuku, better off in Odaiba etc..cleaner, safer for families.

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    I would say Ueno(Ameyoko, etc) is worse for crime than Shinjuku.

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    Glad to see people blaming kabukicho rather than internet cafes. And only one post acting like Japan has slipped into some abyss of danger for not having a perfect record of safety. Its still safer than home, so I am not especially worried.

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    I've been in this part of time many, many, many times...and yes there are some shady people, but compared to many other parts of the world...Tokyo is still very safe as long as you use common sense and don't walk the streets in a drunken stupor.

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    I have been to Kabukicho many times, and yes you have to keep your ears and eyes open just like any other place.

    Just stay away from the big African dudes trying to get you in thier club, so they can look after you.............hahahaha thats a joke.

    personally never had a problem there, and yes been to all the places mentioned.

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    Many scum bags in and around Shinjuku, this has to be one of the worst parts of Tokyo, so I am not surprised.

    It's perfectly safe on the other side of the station.

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    The African bar dudes in Kabukicho make the Roppongi guys look passive. That said, Godz heavy metal bar is a great place if you are willing to walk the gauntlet to get there. Not sure if I'm willing to go through that again, though. Had to get outright hostile to get them off me.

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    You guys have it all wrong. Saitama is the most dangerous.

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