Japanese man sentenced in Cambodia for sexually abusing 13-year-old girl

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    Suspended sentence, $1,250 fine and not even deported? Is this a joke?

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    Yes, but how much was the Judge paid?

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    Ewan Huzarmy

    $1,250 ! Doesn't seem like much of a bid to shake off it's image as a haven for sexual predators.

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    Disgusting That's like advertising the cost of a child.

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    Put his butt in a Cambodian prison for even a week, that is much better than this sentence.

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    I know that most of that cases he didnt gave money to her parents then they acussed him . Most guys like him pay money to those girls. Meaning that the young girl is sadly a prostitute.

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    Bartholomew Harte

    After all of this posing against Pedo-touring by world bodies this is a slap in the face! There should be mandatory minimums of imprisonment in these cases!-Wake Up,World!

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    He would have received a similar punishment in Japan, so don't get too worked up over it

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    What an embarrassment.

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    cmon guys, it says many others have been jailed and/or deported. Rape cases are always hard to prove. In this case that's all they could get, for whatever reason. The Cambodians are trying to do their job.

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    ' Cambodia launched an anti-pedophilia push in 2003 in a bid to shake off its reputation as a haven for sexual predators'...Judges like this one don't seem to get the message.

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    She wasn't assaulted - he was a client.

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    She wasn't assaulted - he was a client.

    That's worse.

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    If a girl is sent to your (single) lodgings in that country to pick up the rental , you had better pay up and leave the country quickly without telling the landlord . Your best bet if staying in Cambodia is to lodge at better known hotels

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    Kobuta Chan

    There's Child prostitution scam in Cambodia. Local criminals lure foreigners with child and then they black mail them. Sometime even polices are involved in scam. Cambodia is one of the worst corrupted countries in the world.
    Anyone who sexually molested child should go to prison. What do you expect from Cambodia Judge?

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    Ewan Huzarmy

    Corruption kobuta chan ? What, like we have here in Japan ...... cops who are above the law and molest teens ? You're spouting xenophobic anti-asian bile just because the accused is Japanese.

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    He must have a very sick mind. There is definitely no cultural research here.

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    This is a joke sentence. The pedophile scum that Cambodia seems to attract just get away with anything. I went to Cambodia and I thought it was a very nice country generally. This was after 2003 when this supposed anti-paedophile push was in action and I was unaware of said push when I went there. I agree there are probably local criminal elements too who make it worse and I dont think Kobuta is wrong here. Hes not just being offended because the offender is Japanese. He is making a valid point (as long as he is not saying blame the locals for the girl even being available to the culprit in the first place That does not make the culprit any less guilty). Cambodia is still dealing with the leftovers from the Khmer rouge era by jailing the main culprits (or not) but I consider this vulnerability to paedophiles to have been an issue even longer (same in Vietnam) and probably will be for a long time yet if they don`t deal with these scum properly (and any equally scum locals who may or may not be encouraging them).

    I was at an orphanage in one city hanging out with the children there and teaching them English phrases. That is encouraged by posters being put up everywhere around town and you are encouraged to bring food or toys. Thats great but if you ask me, this kind of thing may attract paedophiles and there arent enough staff in these places to keep an eye on whoever may come along with actual sinister intentions. It needs to be controlled.

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    Shinjuku No Yaju

    He'll never see a day in prison. Because putting him in prison would equate a death sentence for pedophile. I can't understand why they would only fine him a thousand dollar though...a child's innocence is priceless.

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    Many Cambodians are doing the same if not worse!

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