Man arrested for making 28,000 prank calls to 110


Police have arrested a Tokyo man who made 28,000 prank phone calls to emergency number 110.

According to police, Teruo Nozaki, 44, a part-time convenience store worker, made the hoax calls from his cell phone from January 2012 until June this year, NTV reported.

Police said that Nozaki sometimes called 110 up to 1,500 times a day and when someone answered, he would immediately hang up.

Nozaki was quoted by police as saying “I did it because I was irritated by the fact that I was always watched by police,” NTV reported.

Japan Today

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    Up to 1,500 calls in one day? That is nuts.

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    It took 28000 calls over a year and a half to find the guy responsible for tying up precious emergency lines? Wow. Also this guy clearly has undiagnosed mental issues if he'd sit there doing this over 1000 times in one day because he's 'watched' so I hope they take that into account...

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    Japanese police can trace number withheld calls easily, so why did it take so long? Out of 1,750,000 calls to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department in 2012, about 300,000 were prank calls of which 20,000 were from the suspect.

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    It only took 28,000 calls for the police to do something?

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    Mirai Hayashi

    Another "touched" personal. Paranoia must be a bitch

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    “I did it because I was irritated by the fact that I was always watched by police,”

    Paranoid schizophrenia. He did have a legitimate emergency, he was severely ill (mentally).

    This guy doesn't need prison time, he needs a bit of time in the psych wing of the hospital until they can find the right meds for him, and then regular outpatient visits to check he's taking his meds.

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    in the psych wing of the hospital

    Preferably in a "straight-jacket", so that he can't reach his cellphone...

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    His mental balance sheet needs an overhaul.

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    I did it because I was irritated by the fact that I was always watched by police

    Now he can get watched tons more, congratulations

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    Now he can get watched tons more

    Who knows ? Maybe that's exactly what he wanted !

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    Aaron Loki Brummett

    What a waste! He could have become a full time telemarketer!

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    What a moron

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    Cos he was always watched by police? Hello!!! Is there a bed in the nut house for this whacko?

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    I'm sorry but why does it take two years to catch this guy?

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    Bartholomew Harte

    That's Some BIG Phone Bill!

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    At least the nutjob wasn't calling out the emergency services, which is what a lot of prank callers do. I suspect that this is the only reason he wasn't apprehended earlier.

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    Brian Wheway

    I think the simple way to punish him would be to give him the bill for all of the emergency services wasted time,

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    El Diablo

    What a NUTJOB. I'll bet he lives with his mother

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    Maybe he is really really reallllly a phoney

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    Two words, NO wait for it... LIFE

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