Man kills father, then takes own life


Police said Tuesday that a 36-year-old man killed his 63-year-old father at their home in Tokyo’s Toshima Ward, and then killed himself.

According to police, the victim, who has been named as Kenji Suzuki was found stabbed at his home at aroun 10 p.m. Sunday. TBS reported that before he died, Suzuki told police that he had rebuked his son for not having found a job, following which his son stabbed him in the chest multiple times. Suzuki later died from his injuries.
Police say a search was launched for Suzuki’s son, who could not be contacted. On Monday morning, a man matching his description was found dead outside a building in Ikebukuro, about 2.5 kilometers from the scene of the murder. Police believe the man took his own life by jumping from the roof of the building after murdering his father.

Japan Today

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    Dennis Bauer

    Maybe they should have a new Campaign "how to ask your son, gently to get a job without getting killed", why does this happen? spoiled kids?

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    RIP Otochan. That's what I was about to say happened before you told us.

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    Here in Japan, there is al medical term for unemployed men in their 30's, that for the life of me can't seem to recall. It's a condition that unables them to interact at work and carry very low esteem socializing. This case is speculative.

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