Nagoya couple arrested over death of employee


Police said Monday they have arrested the former managers of a manga cafe over the disappearance of one of their employees in Nagoya.

According to police, the husband and wife management team, Yasunori Sugimoto, 47, and Chikako Sugimoto, 45, ran a manga cafe in Nakagawa Ward where they employed 41-year-old Asako Kato before she went missing.

TBS quoted police as saying that Kato was reported missing in April of last year and the couple were questioned over her disappearance. Police said an eyewitness claimed to have seen Chikako Sugimoto hitting Kato before her disappearance. Police had been searching for a body based on the couple’s testimonies since November of last year and finally found her remains buried in a field in Minamichita, Aichi Prefecture on April 19.

The couple has been arrested on a charge of unauthorized disposal of a corpse, TBS reported. According to police, Yasunori Sugimoto has yet to confess to being involved in Kato’s disappearance, although his wife Chikako has confessed to dumping Kato’s body. 


Japan Today

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    Kent Mcgraw

    So there is a murder and the only charge is unauthorized disposal of a body?

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    I think a thorough autopsy will determine cause of death before any further chargers can be made.

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    "So there is a murder and the only charge is unauthorized disposal of a body?"

    Welcome, Kent. I assume you are relatively new here, based on your question.

    Preliminary charge is "unauthorized disposal". The suspects will now be held for 3 weeks, while coroners determine that there was in fact a murder, and investigators find evidence to back up the confessions that will come from 3 weeks of interrogations.

    Then the charges of murder will be laid.

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    " So there is a murder and the only charge is unauthorized disposal of a body? "

    Standard procedure in Japan. I suppose you are new here.

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    Guys, dont get surprised if the initial charges are "hitting" only...

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    i'll take "love triangle" for $400, Alex.

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    That was my first thought, too, rickyvee.

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    I just hope this is not one of many.

    Also if this comes down to "only" an accidental killing after hitting her (and it`s probably a lot more than that) people need to know that you can kill someone with a single blow (even a fairly moderate blow) to the head... real life is not like the movies or the manga comics.

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    Can you imagine how gut-wrenching that must be for the family? Whatever the cause of her death to just dump the poor woman like garbage is so sickening.

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    Seiko Meise

    Crazy ppl. -_-

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    Dennis Bauer


    Or didn't pay wage for a few months?

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