Panty-thieving cop caught in the act


A police sergeant was arrested Sunday on suspicion of stealing underwear from local residents in the city of Kakogawa, Hyogo Prefecture. Authorities say he has admitted to the charges.

Sergeant Tsuyoshi Hatanaka, 48, was arrested on charges of theft after he swiped underwear and clothespins that were hanging at the home of a local woman. The woman’s husband saw a man stuff the items into a car and drive off, and called police to report the car’s license plate numbers. The car was spotted by officers about 1.5 kilometers from the scene and Hatanaka questioned.

When questioned about the theft, he took off and was chased by four patrol cars and apprehended 300 meters down the road. Hatanaka was off duty Sunday.

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    I was wonmdering where the daily cop crime story had got to.

    My friend in Kobe was recently a victim of this. I wonder if they've caught the guy who as doing it.

    Weirdo. A few years in prison might set him straight.

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    Does japan have any type of screening process for positions of aurthority?

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    the items into a car and run away

    He probably drove away rather than abandon his car and stolen goods.

    When questioned about the theft, he took off and was chased by four patrol cars

    He's in bigger trouble for this than the theft, as far as the police are concerned.

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    Best Kleptopantiest!

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    OK, so let me get this right. In today's news there is, a woman who stabbed her daughter's 10y/o friend for beating her in a video game, a young couple burning their 6m/o baby with an iron and now, yet another cop being caught stealing underwear. Last week there was a couple arrested for shoplifting and found to have the body of their dead child in the car. Is it just me or are there some seriously demented people in Japan?

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    I wonder if these guys ever get a look at whose panties they are stealing? I mean there are many women out there whose panties I would not want a wiff of. Do these guys actually care?

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    Chased by four squad cars for a mere 300 meters? Another example of the J-cops as criminals.

    Disillusioned: "Is it just me or are there some seriously demented people in Japan?"

    Whether or not it's always been this way and we're just seeing more news of it lately, or it's getting worse, is pretty unclear (although it seems to be the latter), but it's definitely not just you.

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    I guess we can refer to last weeks retirement blues story... in the feature sec.

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    Never in the world, outside of Japan, have I read spo many cases of men stealing women`s underwear. Im sorry, but I think that this is a really sick country. How many J cops have been arrested for similar misdeeds this year alone? Is there a basic want among many Japanese men?

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    ....While criminals are committing crimes this cop is stealing panties .......what is so fascinating about panties to some Japanese men?? I am more concerned with what they cover but guess that's just me.....

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    I'm with buggerlugs: how are these people getting on the force? I realize that liking women's panties is seen as relatively normal here, but c'mon, he's a cop! Have a little pride in your job, dude!

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    Is it just me or are there some seriously demented people in Japan?

    Nutter Nation

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    There's just so much wrong in this article, haha. What an idiot.

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    You are not going to believe this but I was walking with J-wife in kako-gawa on Sunday and made a joke about stealing the underwear that were hanging up by the side of the road. Just for the record, I didn't take them and I am not a policeman.

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    I see they have created a name for this crime now.

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    BBLeo, aw come on! He was out of uniform, on the weekend, pursuing his hobby.

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    "he swiped undwear and clothespins"

    What kind of sick bastard steals clothespins?!

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    Lack of sleep with over time. J.Cops need very special medicine to have a good sleep.

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    It seems Japanese Police just cannot help themselves! Where on earth do they recruit the miscreants from? Maybe if they all spend less time stealing panties and taking upskirt photos of schoolgirls - they might catch some of the criminals out there.

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    I mean what can the guy do with women panties? Wear them? Rub them across his face? I mean--really? Now--the catch is, what will be the result of this? Dismissal? It's panties now. Promotion? Maybe re-education--theme: "Why stealing panties is not a good idea." Or "Let's Control Ourselves" or "Getting in touch with our inner Womenly Self?" I am waiting, J-cops? What are you going to DO about this one?

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    Hahaha...they caught him in a panty raid...

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    Four patrol cars pursuing a middle-aged suspect fleeing on foot for roughly two-tenths of a mile--seems about right. I wish there were a J-version of Cops: Between episodes of the ongoing War on Panty Theft and subduing deranged imperial moat splashers, it'd be the top-rated show anywhere.

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    Come on guys...he probably had high stress or was drunk. And Im sure he is sorry from the bottom of his heart for causing misunderstanding.

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    Lol @ the 300 meter car chase... It didn't mention whether or not he himself was in the car at the time of the chase...

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    Worthless J-cops. Another definition of Keystone.

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    They probably only caught him because he stopped to put them on! ROFL

    I wonder if there are any boxer-theiving policewomen!?

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    When I read this in the Japanese Yomiuri, it said he was from Saitama prefecture, and that he moved when he got this job. Send him back home wearing some of the stuff he stole to teach him a lesson.

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    I have the solution....make it mandatory for every J-cop to wear a panty over his head while on duty. That way, he'll be sick of just the thought of holding it.

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    That's just gross, but for a cop to do that makes the entire police force there look bad. Plus what kind of moron has the cops chase him for PANTIES! Stupid!

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    Well, at least he wasn`t doing it on company time.

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    the entire police force need to sniff those panties to check if those are the real deal.

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    were they THONGS or Granny panties????

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