Shiga man arrested for calling 110 number more than 12,000 times


Police arrested a 61-year-old man on Tuesday for obstruction of duty after he allegedly called the 110 emergency number over 12,000 times. Hisao Sumitani, a resident of Otsu, has admitted to the charge but was quoted by police as saying “the whole case is ridiculous.”

According to police, Sumitani called the Shiga Prefecture emergency number 12,300 times between December 2006 and Sept 30 of this year. Sumitani would shout into the phone at operators, and is accused of disrupting their duty. He also reportedly dialed the Otsu fire department 1,390 times on the 119 number.

Authorities visited Sumitani’s home four times requesting him to stop, but he refused to comply.

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    And what would be the reason to wait with the arrest until such a ridiculous number? Isn't a hundred sufficient to get the psycho?

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    That's like over a dozen calls a day for almost 3 years straight. Insane!!!!

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    Obviously a mental case probably due to being neglected in all aspects of life and wanting attention. I wander if it's just a slap on the wrist or will they detain him for continuous treatments?

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    Arrested? Sad day. For the phone company. Must be one of their most valued customers.

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    Proudly sponsered by NTT

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    Hilarious... He is eligible for the Guinness World Records for his number of emergency calls.

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    I called 110 once to complain about an incessantly noisy barking dog, but when they asked for my name and number before they'd take action, I decided to go it alone, said thank you and good-bye. Then I started calling the noisy barking dog owners house directly (Number given by 104) to complain about it. Everytime the dog is barking for over 3 minutes, their phone starts ringing. It took 2-3 years of keeping at it, but finally its become a liveable situation. Nothing happens in a day here. Almost nothing. You have to be persistant to get peace of mind here. This guys case is a horse of a different color. But 110 does have a useful purpose.

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    Sad day. For the phone company. Must be one of their most valued customers.

    I'd always assumed a call to 110 or 119 would be free-dial/toll-free. After all you can call these two numbers without charge from a pay phone. Does anyone know?

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    Wasn't there a case like this a while ago; a woman called 119 a hundred and fifty times or something. And now this guy calling 110 twelve thousand times!! The obvious question is--why didn't they stop this guy or try to get him some help after the fifth call?!

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    Yelnats, I don't understand why you couldn't get their number? Most families have their names written on a post by their house with the address too. Then you just call 104 and ask for the name and give them the address and they'll tell you, unless its unlisted. In my case the whole family was wacky, and they never walked the dog, which is why it barked its fool head off day and night. Of course, nobody in the neighborhood would support me, but in my case it wasn't just an ornary dog. It was an over-the-limit- 180 barks per minute type of harrassment that would be tolerated anywhere else. When I asked the neighbors about it, they just said, "oh, that dog barks", or "that dog will die before we do", or some such nonsense. Finally I called the hokenjo (ward office for animals) and they sent a representative to the house. The hokenjo person totally agreed that this behavior was not acceptable and that it qualified as neighborhood disturbance (kinjo meiwaku). But in the end, nothing but my phone calls, to this day 5 years on and running bring any measure of quiet. At least now they know who's calling. And they stop the dog barking without answering the phone. When the dog stops barking, I allow the phone to stop ringing. Sheeeese....

    Moderator: Back on topic please.

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    maybe it took so many times before they arrested him because no one answered the first 11,999 times he called...just a thought?

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    No, they answer 110 and everytime, I believe. That's why they know the number of calls. Just be prepared to give your name and address or they won't proceed to do anything. But they will respond to your request if you comply with theirs.

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    I look forward to such tolerance and patience from the powers that be when I am 61. I would think that one could get a long way through life without using up 12000 free chances at prank phone calls to the police. Maybe I can bequeath some of my quota to my children before I die.

    Can you imagine what the police must have tried? They probably asked him what he really wanted about 500 times. They begged him to stop about 15 times. They warned him probably 100 times. They asked about his family 100 times. But that still leaves 11000 times. I would have started getting pretty creative. I would have looked for patterns to try to figure out what was eating the old guy.

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    His index finger must have big muscles

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    "the whole case is ridiculous"

    Yeah, this guy should have been stopped after the 10th call.

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    My analysis is the guy believes he's 'Lost' on an island and needs to push in those numbers every hour to prevent let him save us..

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    Does anyone have any information on WHY he kept calling? I mean, did he just call 110 to say, "You guys are stupid and I hate you!" or was he making nuisance complaints? He's clearly either delusional or arrogant beyond belief if he thinks it's "ridiculous" that he's been arrested for abusing 110 over 12,000 times. If nothing else, that accounts for MILLIONS of yen in wasted staff time and delayed response time for callers with genuine complaints. I say fine him what those "free" calls would have cost him had they NOT been toll free. That would be ironic justice at its best.

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