Sumo wrestler arrested for attempted robbery in Fukuoka


A professional junior sumo wrestler staying in Fukuoka during a tour was arrested Sunday on suspicion of attempted robbery after he allegedly illegally entered a house. According to police, the 17-year-old wrestler has confessed to breaking into a house that had been converted into a cafe at about 4 a.m. on Sunday and attempting steal to cash and possessions.

The house was inhabited by a 24-year-old woman. After searching the first floor, the suspect made his way upstairs at which point the sleeping woman woke up. Realizing the house was not empty, the wrestler fled without stealing anything. The woman was not injured.

According to police, the sumo wrestler’s face was known to the woman because he frequented the cafe as a customer whenever he was competing in the Kyushu area. After being picked up by police, he was quoted as saying: “I needed the money.”

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    Now this is funny! A Sumo Wrestler trying to enter a house like a Ninja! I guess Sumo Wrestling doesn't pay (smile).

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    More bad news for the Sumo organization.

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    She woke up, he fled, she was not injured. Weird.

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    Obviously sumo needs to be banned....

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    A new low for the Sumo Wrestling Federation - what next?

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    How could the portly fellow run away?

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    He probably needed the money to pay the vig on his gambling debts...

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    Or maybe he couldn't afford to pay to win fights to prevent demotion to a lower rank?

    J/K of course.

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    Sumo wrestlers are terrible role models for the kiddies.

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    I have to admit, imagining a sumo wrestler breaking into a house is very odd. Good thing that woman wasn't hurt though. I wonder what he needed the money for?

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    No doubt the JSA will now step in and decide to conduct their own internal private investigation, and that the police or Japan need do nothing more. They will then demote him one rank and that will be the end of it.

    Admittedly, it's easier to imagine a wrestler breaking the house than breaking into it.

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    Ah, the brown stain of sumo continues to grow!

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    Dummy. Don't rob the place you frequent. Go to another cafe in another part of town. Of course, now because of your elders' gambling and murders, you'll be booted out of sumo 'as an example' and you'll need the money even more.

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    With his Sumo career probably finished - re-train him as a prop-forward for the Japanese Rugby Team - they need some big units for the World Cup next year.

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    lol sumo ninja

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    Japan continues to treat 17 years old as minor. Japan should stop protecting the identity of the minor because these young adults know exactly what they are doing. The 24 years old lady did not know if he was a rapist or a murderer at 4am. Set examples on harshness of reality. Put him in a adult prision and let him think about it for a while.

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    I was at a Sumo after tourney party at a stable in Tokyo a few years back, when two junior wrestlers came over and began to talk to me, then started pushing on me a bit rough. The gentleman who invited me quickly stopped them and advised them that I was a VIP guest and to their amazement, believed I had just walked in from off the street. My friend later told me that the average wrestler in Sumo is poorly educated (although few are college grads) and often come from poor families at an early age. This does not surprise me.

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    Dumb slob probably walked in wearing his washashi and wondered why he got pinched! Hahahahaha!

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    Whenever I go to Nagoya basho in the summer and watch these guys prancing around in the pink t-backs it often makes me question Charles Darwin`s theory of evolution! Some of these guys are still dragging their knuckles along the ground, so whenever one of these baboons steps out of line, I do feel genuinely sorry for the Hakuho and the thimble full of other decent rikishi.

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