Theft of toilet from public park in Kyoto leaves authorities baffled


At around 10 a.m. on April 2, a man living in the town of Fukuchiyamashi, Kyoto, called the police after he discovered that the light of a nearby parking lot had been vandalized with white spray-paint. Upon arriving at the scene, officers also discovered that an expensive, multi-function toilet had been stolen from a park located nearby.

According to the authorities, an entire multi-function toilet, complete with its accompanying hand rails, was stolen from the public restroom. In addition, the special washlet-style toilet seat and lid from another toilet were also missing, with the cost of damages and stolen items coming to some 300,000 yen.

After examining evidence left at the scene, police believe that the criminal used a screwdriver to carefully remove the joints that connected the toilet to its surroundings. Surprisingly, the toilets in the men’s room were left completely intact.

The city supervisor in charge said: “I’ve got to admit that it’s the first time I’ve heard of the theft of an entire toilet. It usually stops at a bit of vandalism, but the unit itself… Why someone would do such a thing is completely baffling.”

Source: Sankei News West

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  • -1

    Yurie Yoshida

    Its kinda bad but i got to admit its funny :D why would they take the toilet? and why from womens room only? :D Id better have this kind of crimes than random attacks on people.

  • 3


    The reason is in the article. 300,000 yen. Easy job, low risk and better return than a combini.

  • 4


    There's a story that American bank robber Wille Sutton was once asked why he robbed banks. His response: Because that's where the money is. Now if you wanted to rob a toilet...

  • 0



  • 0


    public toilets

    Well, they don't call them 'free goods' for nothing

  • 1


    This is the warning shot over the bow. Abenomics baby! Get used to it. There's no copper wiring in many of the street lights on Detroit streets.

  • 3


    Why someone would do such a thing is completely baffling.”

    Not at all! These are great toilets!

  • 1


    The men's loos must have been so filthy, even a thief didn't want to nick them.

  • 13

    Ewan Huzarmy

    Police are looking into the theft, but one officer was quoted as saying "We have nothing to go on".

  • 0


    it's like the reason people climb everest; because it's there...

  • 0


    Someone stole the toilet and the public has nothing to go on...

  • 2

    Dennis Bauer

    Those Toilets are very benri! maybe i should check Yahoo auctions for a cheap second hand washlet now ;)

  • 1


    Loo-crative, or just simply loo-dicrous?

  • -1


    Toilet otaku subculture.. This is "Cool Japan " material:-)

  • 0


    So you could resell it?

  • 3

    Jack Stern

    Hey Taro, let's change the toilet at our nomiya. I know where there's one we could get free. It comes with a Washlet, too. All we need to do is unscrew it. What do you think?

  • 3


    Police said they hope to flush out the culprits soon but at the moment their inquiries are bogged down.

  • -1


    Maybe they needed a replacement for their own home......

  • -1


    Stealing it is one thing but where will they put it? Unless they're going to dismantle it and put the parts in somebody's home or something?


  • -3


    Hopefully the culprit(s) will be flushed out soon.

  • 0


    Haha, someone got tired of using their washiki....

  • 3


    It's amazing the crap people steal these days.

  • -2

    Julia Howe

    And a new Japanese perv trend in 3...2...1...

  • -1

    Henry Charles Valdez Jr

    two words. Toilet. Hugger.

  • -1


    The cops are clooless.

  • -1


    Police are looking into the theft, but one officer was quoted as saying "We have nothing to go on".

    Boom boom!! The old ones are the best, Ewan ^_^

  • -1

    Tom DeMicke

    The world is going down the toilet!

  • -1

    Mike Walker

    A police spokesman said-" We have nothing to go on"!!!

  • -1


    I bet the robber is some kind of fetishist. Owning the toilets used by some many girls must be an incredible turn-on :)

  • 0


    Lotta bad jokes posted here...* clooless*..? mmmk, an attempt to use the british term for toilet? Someone's been hearing too many oyaji-gyagu...

    Not sure why it's so baffling for the cops... lotta practical reasons behind toilet theft. No security cameras anywhere near the park?

  • 0


    Ah! The camera in this particular female toilet probably needed replaced.

  • -1


    People used to steal the paper from public toilets (so still now there is no paper), later the mirrors and washing basins and now it has come to this.

  • 0


    Quite frankly unless the thief left evidence behind or unless there was a camera around I don't see the police solving this case

  • 0

    Ciara Akachan Peterson

    I think the police need to let this one go, surely they must have more important cases to be getting on with. This is just a petty theft. Hard times, maybe can't afford a toilet.

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