Woman questioned by Sapporo police over gas cylinder blasts


Police in Sapporo said Sunday they have begun questioning a woman in her 50s over a series of gas cylinder explosions in the city’s Kita Ward this year.

Since January, there have been five mysterious explosions of gas cylinders filled with nails and thumb tacks at police stations and a commercial facility within a 3-km radius of a police station in Kita Ward. In the most recent blast on April 3, a gas cylinder filled with nails exploded at a police dorm, but no one was injured.

Police said the gas cylinders are the type commonly used in portable stoves.

Since the first attack, police said four letters, all of which have contents alluding to the series of crimes, were left at both the Kita Ward police station and at the office of a local news agency.

TBS reported that police identified the woman through surveillance camera footage and on Saturday searched her apartment.

The woman has denied any involvement in the explosions.

Japan Today

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    Revolution.... When authority pushes people push back....

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    Red Army Faction ?

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    Distorted mind ...

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    How do you get nails inside an aerosol can?

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    Crimson and Clover

    They are questioning her. Japanese interrogation practices are questionable. They can and probably will, detain her for three weeks and subject her to sleep deprivation. Amnesty International has strongly criticized interrogation methods in Japan many times. I am not making this up.

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    " nandakandamanda at Apr. 27, 2014 - 08:15PM JST How do you get nails inside an aerosol can?"

    Good question! I think it would be pretty difficult, not that I'm going to try it out ;-). The Japanese maybe used the verb tsumeru (詰める) which does means fill with but common sense should have told the translator/writer that in this case it meant something like "packed together with".

    Crimson and Clover "They can and probably will, detain her for three weeks and subject her to sleep deprivation."

    She was questioned on Saturday, then allowed to go home to her apartment (which the police had finished searching). She went in again Sunday for more questioning.

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    I read in the J news that the police do not want to discuss the construction of the devices. Only they and the bomb maker know the details, so they want to save it for finally proving that they have the right person and not some random crackpot.

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    The story I saw uses 仕込め (shikomeru) which is accurate for filled and inserted into, although 2000 seems like quite a lot of nails it probably could reasonably have been stuffed or crammed.

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