Bin Laden thriller wins New York critics award

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    This will only stir up more hate.

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    Jeff Ogrisseg

    This is how you cement something totally fictitious. There's no evidence that this really happened. Same thing with supposed squabble over whose book is the real story. Answer: neither one.

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    Will this movie be released in Pakistan?

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    Kathryn Bigelow should better hope some new war breaks out soon (japan china anyone?) or she will soon run out of movie ideas

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    Yet another film with the word Dark in the title. Must be a conspiracy.

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    More mind control for the masses, lap it up people!

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    Hmm...Its been a while since I've stood Mid-Watches on the Quaterdecks of Ships as OOD, but isn't 'O-Dark 30 the Mid-Watch? I am not sure how that term got coined into a Movie Title for a SEAL Operation...

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