China film broaches sensitive topic of famine during war

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    Leonard Carlson

    It's insane to think of the sheer number of people who died because of this. Comparable to losing a small state back in the United States or any large city around the world such as Tokyo or Seoul.

    I look foward to watching this. It will most likly remind me of the Chinese movie called "Aftershock".

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    Not really. Tokyo is over 13 million and Seoul is over 10 million. As for the film, there was a civil war between the KMT and CCP at this time and historically the KMT was blamed for the famine deaths. So there is no reason not to have film about an event blamed on the enemy of the current rulers of China. Famine deaths in China were not that uncommon, read Pearl Bucks book, The Good Earth, published in 1931.

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    I think the real aim of the movie is to show Japanese attacking China. At least that is the impression you get from watching the preview. That is what the Chinese will notice, and what they are supposed to notice. (And no I am not a denier - we did attack China barbarously)

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    can't wait to watch it but it seems so far any american foray into asian pacific themes have the pacific, iwojima, flags of our fathers, pearl harbor, and the one with christianbale...none of them were really good.. if spielberg and clint both sorta don't look good for others

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