Christine McVie rejoins Fleetwood Mac

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    Like Fleetwood Mac and Christine McVie was good. Watched a video of the UK tour when she joined on stage for one number and still had something to offer. Love Stevie Nicks too.

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    Yep. One of the better bands of the 'olden days'.

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    In my teens, I had a crush on Stevie (mainly because of the group picture in the inside of the album where Stevie was in a slinky evening gown), but Christine was the one who sang lead on many of the hits from "Rumours". When I'd heard she left the band, I figured Fleetwood Mac was out of business for the interim.

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    Fadamor - ME TOO ! Completely head-over-heels in LOVE !

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    Now, let's all go buy tickets. Mine for Chicago, Yes and ZZ Top, here in Victoria were a blessing, in that I was back in town from Japan in time to enjoy them. Rocked my socks off!

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    Hypnotized...welcome back Christine.

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