Eastwood, Bullock each donate $1 million to earthquake relief


Actor and director Clint Eastwood, 80, will donate a share of the proceeds from DVD and Blu-ray sales of his movie, “Hereafter,” to earthquake relief efforts in Japan. The donation pledged, which is estimated to be around $1 million or 79 million yen, is to be given to the Japanese Red Cross.

“The devastation and loss Japan is facing are almost incomprehensible,” says Eastwood. “I’m glad to join Warner Bros in this effort to help the Japanese people.”

“Hereafter” was pulled from Japanese cinemas on March 14 following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami because it features scenes of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, in which more than 230,000 people lost their lives.

Meanwhile, actress Sandra Bullock has donated $1 million to help victims of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami crisis, the latest celebrity to pledge aid, the American Red Cross said.

Other celebrities who have stepped in include Lady Gaga who raised $250,000 in 48 hours by selling red and white wristbands bearing the message “We Pray for Japan” for $5 a piece via her merchandise website.

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    He made a generous gift to Japan, even his film was put on shelve.

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    Bravo-I hope Many More $$$$Millions from Other Americans in Show Buisness-Here is One Man who Has Class and has not "Forgotten'his Humanity!!

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    This is heartwarming to read. And SO nice to have focus on the fact that people are actually physically suffering.

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    Good on him,great actor ,great guy ,milliondollar heart!!

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    Two great, compassionate human beings. Hope there will be more like them. I am sure there are.

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    The monetary value does not matter. It is the willingness to help. So does not matter even if it is a 100 yen. There were some very old citizens near my station, bearing the cold and collecting donations and distributing info on the disaster. It was heart-warming to see them smile when someone contributed. All those preaching about love using some religious organization's name can learn from this. This is not the time to preach. This is the time to act.

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    Clint has always been a great guy.

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    Good lad. Clint. I wonder how much Charlie Sheen is offering?

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    Very touching news. I'm sure a lot of celebrities, sports stars and business tycoons will make huge personal donations, though we probably won't hear about it. I have heard that stars like Russell Crowe and Johnny Depp often make donations to disaster relief and insist there be no press release. So Ivan, Charlie Sheen may donate without your hearing about it.

    Anyway, good for all those who can help, whether it is $1 or $1 million.

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    Mr. Eastwood and Ms Bullock's generosity is very commendable and deserves applauding. Sadly I heard a news story today that, compared with the total amounts donated by big Hollywood celebrities one week post Haiti's devastating earthquake last year, the rate of donations so far in Japan by the same potential givers is just one half. In terms of the rate of return, giving to Japan's relief efforts I'm sure will be far more productive given the high rate of corruption and misuse of public funds in Haiti (which is very sad, but it is the norm in that part of the world, I understand).

    And I agree completely with smartacus: People should give whatever they can, no matter how large or small of an amount. Besides, giving is very good for the soul.

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    Along with the owner of uniqlo who donated $10m, Mr Eastwood and Ms Bullock have received the bobcatfish "good guy" award. The will also be in the running for "best givist".

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    big thanks to ALL who donate!

    sctaber56, yeah Haiti is corrupt but so is Jpn I wud guess 20-30% of our taxes get pilfered by govt/biz here easily

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    Great contribution from my favorite actors/producers.. Hereafter was a soul searching movie and for it to be withdrawn from the shelves is utterly wrong. Made me take stock about life and death...the people of Japan need help and here we feel powerless to get them the required food and medical support.... Like hollywood movie we need a massive air drop in the areas to get water, food and warm clothing to a battered population, who have been calm and courageous under horrendous conditions.. I just hope Mr Eastwood's and Ms Bullock's generous contributions find their mark.

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    sandra bullock is always very geneous and helpful to those in need, i remember reading about her donating a huge amount to some others in need a while ago as well. its always good to see celebrities with a conscious who know the value of money, instead of idiots who spend it all on cars and holidays homes theyll never visit.

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    "$1 million or 79 million yen"

    If it weren't for the speculators it would have been several more million yen just a couple of days ago. And if this was 1985 it would have been around 240 million yen, lol.

    Good on Eastwood and all these rich people. My aim in life is to become a rich person so I can give away a million dollars and still live a life of luxury, lol.

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    By the time you reach Clint's age - a life of luxury means a simple life with few complications. I'm wondering the the Gates/Buffett foundation is doing...

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    Other celebrities who have stepped in include Lady Gaga who raised $250,000 in 48 hours by selling red and white wristbands bearing the message “We Pray for Japan” for $5 a piece via her merchandise website.

    Gagger "donated" money paid by others for bracelets someone else made. Not quite the same to me as Ms Bullock donating directly from her own funds, but oh well. Thanks are in order for the people who bought those bracelets.

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    What a legend!

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