David Bowie releases first album in decade

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    No Miso

    The new album contains 14 tracks and the deluxe version includes three bonus tracks.

    The Japanese release has an 18th track. Not sure why Japan only would get that. March 13 release for that I'm told by other sources.

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    David and Tilde...those two were positively made for each other. Can't wait to down load this one!

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    I love 6 no track of that album. It is very hearth teaching.


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    Tel Porter

    "Where Are We Now?" was such a wonderful piece, I can't wait to get a hold of the full album.

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    no miso-

    it is common for albums released in different countries to have tracks in different orders, different tracks, different numbers of tracks. Of course different artwork too. there are many reasons for this.

    It is especially common in Japan that they get one or two extra tracks not on the US release. This became especially common since some trade restrictions were eased at one point and it became easier to import US discs. The imported US editions were often 1000-1700 Yen, where the J edition would be 2500-3500 Y. The J edition had lyrics translated into Japanese and a Japanese commentary essay, but nothing else to get for twice the price or more. At that time it became more and more common for there to be more tracks, to sell at the j edition price..

    What is odd to me is it is still continued today in the age of itunes and dnlds and copying a friends harddrive in 2 hours.

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