Former Morning Musume singer Maki Goto announces marriage


Former Morning Musume singer Maki Goto, 28, announced on her blog Tuesday that she has married.

Goto said she and her husband, whom she described as “an ordinary man,” registered their marriage at the ward office on Tuesday morning.

Her husband is believed to be a 25-year-old company employee from her hometown, whom she has known for about seven years, Nikkan Sports reported.

Goto has been out of showbiz for the past 2 1/2 years after a series of setbacks in her personal life, including the death of her mother who fell from the third floor of her home in Tokyo.

In her blog, Goto thanked her fans who have always supported her. “I’ve been longing to have a family and that desire got stronger with each day.”

She said her husband is someone she can always relax with. “He is a warm-hearted person and I was motivated to start my showbiz career again through his love and support.” 

Japan Today

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    May you find your happiness.

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    While she is far from my favortie Musume member I hope she can find some happiness in her life.

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    At first glance I thought it said "renounces". lol

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    Good for her, she could use some happiness in her life after all the trouble she had.

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    Magnus Roe


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    Lucky guy - she's a cutie !

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    At least it's not some old foagie 20 years her senior.

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    While she is far from my favortie Musume member

    She is actually my favorite and first celeb crush when I moved to Japan.

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    Fandango Spoonmonkey

    "Goto said she and her husband, whom she described as “an ordinary man,”.

    Gosh. She certainly knows how to make a guy feel good about himself.

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    @Fandango Spoonmonkey

    she probably meant non-celebrity

    Ordinary is not bad at all, better than some of the scandal-ridden Johnnys we hear about all the time

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    At least it's not some old foagie 20 years her senior.

    Darn! That one got away...

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    hes an ordinary man!? so what makes an extraordinary person!? a astronaught , leading scientists, careworkers working with third world poverty these are extraordinary. and ex member of Morning Musume definately not!

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    Bryan Shoemaker

    this makes me happy, very happy! i was actually kinda worried about that girl. hi, 2ND generation musume fan here, ya know.. before there was generations. ive noticed a lot of comments about the 'ordinary man'. i think its actually fitting of her. anyone remember the 100% interviews back in the day? they've bin on my HDD for years but lets see if youtube has them.. yes.. i have 20 some odd years of musume music and tv shows stored.

    interviews ask 'what do you think you'll be doing in 20 years' and maki reply's 'oh probably working a normal job'. that girl loved the stage and love her fans but thro the years it seems she always planed on having a normal simple life in the end. soo i hope its a long happy marriage with lots of kids. she deserves it.

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