'Game of Thrones' season six opener ends months of suspense

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    Roy Jones

    Game of Thrones and Jon Snow's Return - What we expect to see


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    Game of snores. If there ever was an over-hyped, run-of-the-mill-esque drama, this is it. Admittedly, the first two seasons were worth watching but otherwise, wtf? Convoluted plotlines and the introduction of new characters every 5 minutes makes

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    Wow...I Love Game of Thrones. But I fell asleep halfway through lolozo79's comment.

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    I accidently pressed the submit button. Hence I couldn't complete my previous comment. Anyhow, as I was saying Game of thrones has no coherent plot and meanders aimlessly. Throw in a few boobs every 10 minutes to keep the under 15 year olds happy. What is this show? Lord of the rings wannabe with naked women? I personally prefer dramas based on reality/ real events, eg. HBO' Rome, Oz and Starz's Spartacus. Now those are fantastic. GoT- the guy in the north wants to become king. Meanwhile, some chick elsewhere gives birth to dragons...Oh really? So what? But then people like Commanteer are most likely still living out their Harry Potter meets porn wet dream...Well, each to his own I suppose.

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    Dan Lewis

    @lolozo79 Boobs are for under 15 year olds? Really?

    Looking forward to more fun!

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    Lord of the rings wannabe with naked women? LOL less the dragons and magic is pretty accurate of the middle ages, people were slaughtered for whatever reason and not just kept alive to make predictable hollywood script. But I will agree with you on Spartacus that show was fracken epic!!!!

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    Geoff Gillespie

    personally prefer dramas based on reality/ real events, eg. HBO' Rome, Oz and Starz's Spartacus

    Really? You think Spartacus had a single second of anything 'real' throughout its duration? Hey, I loved it... but not 'cos it was 'real'. Quite the opposite, actually...

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    Christopher Glen

    Jon Snow has to return!

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