'Gangnam Style' hits one billion views on YouTube

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    massive yawn..

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    Congrats to Psy. I wouldn't say it's the best video on YouTube by any means, but given the guys intelligence, creativity, and self-deprecation as well as sense of humor I salute him all the same.

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    And yeah, the sheer number of parodies is amazing, but keep in mind that not only parodies, but tributes by brass bands at football tournaments, appearances with Madonna and on all major music reality shows, and adds with the song featuring Psy dancing with models and celebrities of many nationalities and you cannot deny the success and tribute to the man.

    Some of the parodies are hilarious.

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    How? I just don't understand it....

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    Though outside my comfort zone (laughs), I agree with your first post smith. Just fun, with no airs. Congrats Psy.

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    Rolf Schlumpf

    Just... not good at all...

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    The Korean government has spent substantial time and money supporting the so-called Hallyu (Korean Wave) of TV shows and pop music that has swept across Asia in the past decade and after the money run dry its as popular as it was before it started. Sigh.

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    Liam Kin

    Congrats to Psy!!!

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    Enjoy the thousands upon thousands of parodies on youtube. Some are very, very funny.

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    A quarter of mankind has watched this? There is no hope for humanity...

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    Enjoy the 15 minutes...

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    One more thing... I took a quick peak at iTunes Japan the other day for the original Gangnam Style single and couldn't find it anywhere, nor the video -- only tributes in terms of the former. Is this part of the "let's stop offering Korean content" campaign by wingers?

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    Herve Nmn L'Eisa

    So what.

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    Psy isn't a 15 minute act. Sure he may not hit it this big around the world again, but he's been around long enough. 5 albums, 2 EPs, 19 Singles, and 6 videos. He also comes from money and a number of media outlets think that equates to better positioning on the revenue share than most KPop groups.

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    The Japanese people just don`t get it!!!

    The reason that Psy and the many Korean artists and dramas are a hit today is because they all have something in their entertainment that the Japanese does not. While the Japanese people are stuck on their old ways of making TV shows, movies and entertaining their audience, the Koreans are moving forward and taking the public by storm. When will the Japanese people stop bickering and complaining about their neighbors and start to do something that will make their entertainment and or TV show interesting again. As of it is now, the things that are on TV in Japan are just pure nonsense and so stupid in every way!!!

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      This has nothing to do with Japanese entertainment. Please stay on topic.

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