Goku coming back to theaters with new 'Dragon Ball Z' movie in 2015


How many years does an anime franchise have to be inactive before it can be officially declared dead? Given the pace at which fans’ tastes change in Japan, if more than a couple of years go by with no new content, it’s probably time to give up hope, hard as that may for those fervently waiting for a new season of “Ranma 1/2,” “Trigun” or “All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku.”

But when you’re the most popular martial arts series in the history of the medium, the ordinary rules don’t apply, which is why last year “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods” hit Japanese theatres, ending a 17-year drought in “Dragon Ball” anime. Thankfully, the wait for the next installment in creator Akira Toriyama’s epic won’t be nearly so long, since there’s yet another “Dragon Ball Z” movie coming next year.

The new film, as recently revealed in a Japanese magazine article, doesn’t appear to have an official title yet, but is currently scheduled to premiere during Golden Week, the string of Japanese holidays that straddle the end of April and beginning of May. Long-time fans can rest easy knowing that unlike the much-maligned “Dragon Ball GT” TV series of the late 1990s, the 2015 movie isn’t an attempt by producers to keep the series going with only minimal input from its creator. Toriyama himself is taking charge of the character designs and script, which he says serves as both a sequel to “Battle of Gods” and a continuation of his manga serial.

While designing characters for animation is no easy task, it’s still far less time-intensive than drawing the art for a weekly manga, which has led Toriyama to channel his energies into other areas of the film’s development. “I’ve been getting into the minute details of fine-tuning the dialogue,” the 59-year-old said. “Really, it’s too much for a guy my age to be taking on, but I just got caught up in the excitement of making the movie.”

Producers have told Toriyama to keep the story’s details under his hat for the time being, but he has made a few comments regarding the tone of the movie. “I made a conscious effort to ramp up the action this time around. I’m not really the kind of guy who gets that fired up about those kinds of flashy action scenes, but even I think it’s coming along great!”

Source: Jin, via Anime News Network and Kanzenshu

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    Fox Sora Winters

    -sigh- Why waste time flogging a dead horse that was never good to begin with, when there are plenty of vastly superior anime out there that deserve to be revived infinitely more so than this tripe? Anime such as Angel Beats! Spice & Wolf or Aria the Scarlet Ammo (to name just three of the best. For a longer yet incomplete list, just hit me up on FB or something). I'd rather watch paint dry than Dragon Ball Zzzzzzz, and I know I'm not the only one. Not by a long chalk.

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    Chris Smith-Hale

    OMERGRWD a new DBZ movie with Akria Toriyama at the helm? I'll just calmly find my seat while you take all of my money. As celebrated and precious a national treasure Dragon Ball Z is I'm surprised that even more isn't done for this series. Dragon Ball Z single handedly brought anime to the attention of the Cartoon Network generation. Although, I would really like to see some love given to Dragon Ball. I feel like that series really had it all in a coming of age drama, adventure, mystery. Not to mention setting the stage for everything that came later in Dragon Ball Z. Wheres my HD remaster of Dragon Ball? With rewritten story line to more closely follow the magna? It would be soooo much more adult and accepted by todays anime audience.

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    I don't know... this series is old and was hugely popular in Latinamerica, but that was 17 years ago!, the anime was special, because the voice actors for Vegeta and Goku are well known, Mexican voice actors, and they contributed to make the series so popular, it was a supreme effor for the fans to ask that these guys would dub "Battle of gods" but I don't think they are up to another movie, the Latinamerican distributors don't have that kind of money... and, opposite to Evangelion and Sailor Moon,which fans can watch either subbed or dubbed, it is not the same with DBZ, since people never heard the original voices of the seiyuus...

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