'Grand Theft Auto V' to be released worldwide in September

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    Eduardo Gonzalez

    Next achievement, assassinate Rockstar Games's CEO, or it may be as worse as Carmageddon

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    It'll end up being $100 here in Japan, damn games industry

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    Umm "unabashedly violent"...?! One would have to ask if the writer has actually played any of the GTA games? GTA is all about character development, exploration and the tongue-in-cheek moments spread throughout the game. The Rockstar guys have a great sense of humour!

    (and great taste in music!)

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    Yeah the new Trailer 3# is out right now. Check it out


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    looks like my danasan will be staying in night for while now...

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    The new game is set in the Los Angeles-style fictional city of Los Santos

    Wasn't that part of GTA: San Andreas?

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    A disgusting example of the misuse of the skills of game design and a horrible role model for young gamers. I detest this genre of game development and look forward to the future time when such trash is realized to be a direct cause of immense amounts of casual and callous violence and the loss of morality on the part of young people who grow accustomed to death and pain as entertainment. As horrible as the gladiator games of Ancient Rome and just as much a sign of a decadent and sick society. Sure is a fine example of how American greed for money and thrills has corrupted an entire promising entertainment genre. Sorry to see this covered with a minimum of criticism of the obvious selfish and callous attitude of this game series. I apologize that we in the US have so little moral foritutde that we allow such trash to be made.

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