Hollywood set for Oscar gala

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    Where can I watch the Oscars live in Japan?

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      On WOWOW

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    They 'strut and preen'. We vomit.

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    Kimokekahuna Hawaii

    I wonder why there are never any Japanese films in the Oscars.. other than Miyasaki animation.. a Lost in Translation which did not feature Japanese stars, Last Geisha was Chinese, Ken Watanabe should have been recognized for both Iwo Jima and Last Samurai, why no Japanese actresses famous outside of Japan? I dont think you will see one Japanese actor in the audience or on the red carpet .. Hollywood now is now courting the Chinese market.

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    I hope "Lincoln" will be the best picture.

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    Kimokekahuna Hawai:

    Okuribito won an oscar, you are being very quick to pass uniformed judgment. Aside from that, a few have been nominated over the years. As for animation that would be Miya--Z<--aki for Spirited Away. Last Geisha was NOT Chinese it was a poor judgment by Hollywood to cast Zhiyi etc in the leads but that does not and will not ever make it Chinese, even Ken Watanabe was in it. Ken Watanabe was also nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

    Not everything is a secret agenda to "court" China.

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    time for the mutual Hollywood ass kissing to begin.

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