Ikimonogakari to perform theme song for NHK's Olympic broadcast


NHK has announced that the theme song for its Olympic broadcasts will be performed by Ikimonogakari.

The song is titled “Kaze ga fuiteiru” (Wind is blowing). The three members wrote the song and said its lyrics will hopefully encourage Japan’s athletes like a strong wind, NHK reported.

In the past, the group has provided the theme songs for TV dramas on NHK (“Arigato”) and TBS (“Boku no Imoto”), as well as anime series.

They performed “Kaze ga fuiteiru” for the first time at NHK Hall on Thursday night. 

An NHK official said the theme song will be used not only during the Olympics but also in various Olympic-related programs. He said that Ikimonogakari are popular among all generations.

The slogan “Cheer up in full swing! Japan’s Road to London” has also been selected, NHK said.

Japan Today

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    Why do Japanese songs have the same title, same lyrics, just different singers every year. I guess it's cause the producers write the lyrics

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    So NHK can't afford AKB48, so they take an AKB48 song (Kaze ha fuiteriru) and tweak the grammar a bit?

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    Matthew Simon

    Ikimonogakari is my favorite group. Kiyoe Yoshioka has an awesome voice.

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    "Ikimonogakari is my favorite group. Kiyoe Yoshioka has an awesome voice." Yeah, I like them too. Ms. Yoshioka's voice reminds me of Miwa Yoshida from Dreams Come True, albeit at a different pitch but both can truly sing.

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