Jackson and 'Hobbit' cast get rock star reception in NZ

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    Looking forward to seeing this film.

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    December 14th! bring it on. Premiere was an enjoyable afternoon at work here in Japan with livestream on in the background. Wellington sure turned on great day for a fantastic event.

    If you want to see it in 48fps - sadly Japan is seriously behind in getting theatres up to speed. So far its this meagre list.

    Fukuoka: United Cinemas Canal City 13 with IMAX Kawasaki: 109 Cinemas Kawasaki – Kanagawa with IMAX Nagoya: 109 Cinemas Nagoya with IMAX Sapporo: UC Sapporo with IMAX Shonan: 109 Cinemas Shonan IMAX Tokyo: UC Toshimaen with IMAX


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    Good to see Enzed teaching Hollywood a trick or two about movie making.

    I remember PJ's first movie Bad Taste - featuring exploding sheep.

    Go you good thing! :-)

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    Tolkein was the master of the epic tale, but he is about to be eclipsed when the final volume (volume 14) of Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" epic story is published on January 8. "The Wheel of Time" consists of 14 volumes following the lives of those fated to play a role in the Wheel of Time's climactic phase, where the forces of good must battle the forces of the Dark Lord before the cycle begins anew.

    Peter Jackson may be the director of choice for Tokein's work, but I don't know of anyone who could manage to get 14 movies to the screen before the actors died of old age (look at what happened to the "Harry Potter" cast). Universal Studios has the option on the TV and movie rights, but I think "Wheel of Time" is probably TOO epic for the silver screen.

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