Jazz great Dave Brubeck dies at 92

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    Oh no, I am a big fan of the Quartet's works. Seeing them on Youtube, all dressed up in five pieces suits and playing all these nice songs is quite an experience.

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    Definitely one of the greats although for many the lovely sound of Paul Desmond's Alto was perhaps the most appealing aspect of the Dave Brubeck Quartet.

    Listened to "Jazz Impressions of Japan" this morning. That is a beautiful album I would recommend to everyone here.

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    Ironic that the record company did not want to release the 'Time Out' album, as they feared people would not buy it as they could not 'dance' to it.... that would have been a real mistake. His music will live on in our memories...

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    He was 91.

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    Will play some Brubeck on my piano tonight in tribute to the greatest jazz pianist/composer of all time. My dad, a darn good jazz piano player, turned me on to Brubeck many years ago. My daughter also loves to play him. "Time Further Out" is my favorite album of all time, closely followed "Dave Digs Disney". Had the pleasure of hearing him live in Chattanooga in 1990. I sat just two rows back and I can tell you he had enormous hands with the longest fingers....Loved him!

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    Take Five , Dave... we will miss you!

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    @Kominka... those were the two favorites in our house, too! Jazz Impressions of Japan is pretty good, too. As is his Berlin Philharmonic with Gerry Mulligan. But then, all his records had something interesting on them. Happy listening!

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