Keanu Reeves goes way of the samurai in '47 Ronin'


Keanu Reeves is to star in a period film about a band of samurai swordsmen who avenge the death of their master in 18th century Japan, Daily Variety reported Tuesday.

Reeves, the star of the upcoming science fiction thriller “The Day the Earth Stood Still” and the “Matrix” films, will play one of the vengeful samurai in the movie titled “47 Ronin.” 

The film, which is being produced by Universal Pictures, is based on the true story of a group of samurai who plotted revenge after their master was forced to commit suicide for assaulting a court official.

Variety said the film would mix fantasy elements with gritty battle scenes similar to those in period epics such as “Gladiator.”

Filming is set to begin in 2009.

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    OK, here goes another hollywood example of taking some non Japanese actor and sticking them in 18th century japan as a ronin??? What the hell were they smoking? Now this one is actually interesting casting, as Keanu is I believe half asian. But the fact remains he looks more 'white' than asian, and that is why he gets such leading man roles in hollywood. Can't wait for the plot.

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    Well, Keanu Reeves' acting is so unemotional and robotic he might just pass for a Japanese person.

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    He's been "going the way of the samurai" for years now. Oh...that's not what they meant.

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    I think we should wait for the plot. I don't think it'll be at all like what rjf imagines. From what is written in the article, it has fantasy elements and is only based upon the real events. I don't think it'll matter much if it has some err... "white" guys in it.

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    rjd - I think if you actually read the article you can find a very brief summary of the plot.

    While putting Western actors in Asian (and more specifically, Japanese) roles is annoying, it is still usually preferable to employing Japanese actors who seem very wooden in their English speaking roles as they learn the lines by rote generally.

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    Why not do it!!!!!!!!! They already dragged a Japanese guy into Batman!!!!!!!!!!! Why not have KR as the emperor of Japan!!!!!!!!!!!

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    After "Bill and Ted's . . ." (the FIRST one) Keanu hasn't impressed me. Crappy actor. But he did well in . . . that movie he played Buddha. That was good.

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    whyamiijapan - What about his brilliant performance as Marlon in I Love You to Death?

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    "Bill and Ted.." cemented Keanu for me. I can't look at him in anything without imagining him speaking like a San Dimas kid. "Dude, we got to totally avenge Lord Asano! Kira Yoshinaka is totally bogus!" Too bad George Carlin ("Rufus") is dead.

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    whyamiinjapan - And what was wrong with Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey? That was EXCELLENT as well!

    Col. Oates: Get down and give me infinity!

    Bill: Dude, there's no way I can possibly do infinity pushups.

    Ted ( Reeves ): Maybe if he lets us do them girly-style.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I think Reeves is way more suited for comedy than something like 47 Ronin...

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    Keanu is no Toshiro Mifune

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    I recommend Street Kings, another movie with Keanu. Very good plot and good acting by KR. Check it out

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    Reeves will probably be working with Hiroyuki Sanada in this one and that could help his fight scenes a bit .

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    He's a white dude from Kali and no wire-fu, make-up or special effects can change that. His only memorable line in the Matrix movies was "Whoa". Hollywood please stop trying to rip off Asian Cinema by placing Western actor in the same instance and act like that doesn't insult the original vision. John Sturges showed respect to Kurosawa's masterwork Seven Samurai and adapted to the American west in The Magnificent Seven with great care and Kurosawa loved it so much he gave Sturges a sword

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    is this The Last Samurai Part 2?

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    Keanu Reeves isn't "white" or "western". He is caucasian/asian mix and he lived in the middle east before moving to Canada.

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    after his character in the movie kills Kira, the first thing he says is, "woah!"

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    Hmmmm....the only thing more wooden than Keanu in your average movie is the set.

    I did like him in The Replacements, though (but I liked Rhys Ifans better!)

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