Ken Hirai writes Red Cross blood donation campaign song


Singer Ken Hirai, 40, has announced that he has written a song that will be used by the Japanese Red Cross to publicize its “Giving blood at 20” campaign.

The “Giving Blood at 20” campaign is aimed at raising awareness among young people of the importance of blood donation, especially in the winter months when donations tend to decrease. The official site of the campaign includes messages of thanks from people whose lives were saved thanks to blood donors. Hirai’s reflective and emotionally uplifting new song “Aozora Sanka” is to be used as the theme song of the campaign.

Speaking to the press about the meaning behind the lyrics of his latest composition, Hirai said, “Regret is a sign that there was love. There are ‘thank yous’ that we express in words and those that we don’t. I believe that if your heart’s in it, your gratitude will be communicated in either case.”

The song’s release date has yet to be announced.

Japan Today

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    Still refusing foreigner's blood...there is no need at all for English words in the campaign...

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    I've given up trying to donate my blood. Tried several times, refused several times for various reasons. My blood is good and free from all virus, which I know from having regular blood tests at the hospital, including being free from HIV.

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    I've donated on campus in Japan and it never seemed to be a problem. Mind you I'd be really annoyed if it wasn't used. Everyone should donate if they're able to. That said a few bars of Hirai hitting the high notes is enough to curdle my own blood :p

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