Kuroki, Akanishi deny they are dating

Meisa Kuroki Japan Today


There have been several tabloid reports recently that actress Meisa Kuroki, 23, and former KAT-TUN singer Jin Akanishi, 27, are a couple. But both stars this week denied the couple were in a relationship.

“We’re friends but he is not my boyfriend,” Kuroki said in a statement released by her agency, while Akanishi’s agency, Johnny’s Jimusho, released a statement in which he said “We are not going out.” 

The gossip started when the pair were spotted together at Tokyo DisneySea on Jan 22, Sankei Shimbun reported. A Johnny’s spokesperson said that Akanishi did go to Tokyo DisneySea, but he wasn’t alone with Kuroki. They were among a group of friends, the spokesperson said.

Japan Today

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    I admit this article is boring...

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    Ivan Coughanoffalot


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    Del Ihle

    Nice looking photo of Kuroki-san. (at least).

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    TMZ alert.

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    What a smug looking woman. Thumbs down.

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    She could have elaborated by saying "No, we are not dating, just exchanging body fluids."

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    Why do they have to "deny" anything, anyway?

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    Kuroki's always droolworthy.

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    Ivan Coughanoffalot

    It's a good job there's nothing going on there. I'm not having a scrawny streak of wee like Akanishi trying anything with my woman.

    I'm satisfied with her explanation, and if she's particularly obliging over the weekend, I'm prepared to forget all about this.

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    He's not by boyfriend either. Can I get a "Yo?"

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    Of course they went in a group...to avoid media gossips! Let's wait for another 4 months or so for the dekichatta kekkon news. It's all so common..

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    hmm, losing some hotness it seems

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    @WilliB Because in the fatuous parallel universe these "talents" inhabit not being mentioned in JT once a day is so important, it could mean the end of a glittering career :)

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    I wish every celeb would respond that they are indeed humping like rabbitls and even engaging in massive olive oil orgies,... just so the busy bodies of the world would shut up and stop trying invade people's privacy.

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    Nessie: "Kuroki's always droolworthy"

    I cannot disagree! And do I have your permission to use your "droolworthy" in the future?

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    When she Going to give a berth ....She will not deny.

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    I'm calling a press conference this afternoon to set the record clear that I have never dated Meisa Kuroki previously. If she wants to change that status, she knows how to reach me. ;-)

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    And now she's pregnant and they're getting married. What changed since Jan. 27?


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