Kylie Minogue to tour Japan in April

Kylie Minogue


Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue, famous for late 1980s hits like “Locomotion,” will make tour Japan next year, She will perform April 23-24 in Chiba, followed by Osaka on April 25. Minogue, 42, is remembered in Japan for an all-star performance she gave here in March, 1991, using her sex appeal to beat out Japanese “idol” singers. She was known for wearing eye-catching costumes on her world tours, including cheerleading outfits and geisha getups.

She is embarking on this tour to promote her new album, “Aphrodite,” which will kick off in Europe.

Minogue underwent surgery for breast cancer in 2005, preventing her from touring until recently. Additionally, a later 2008 tour apparently became too expensive and Japan had to be cut from the schedule. She had also planned to meet with fans in 2007 on a trip to promote her perfume brand, but that visit also never came to fruition.

In a statement to Japanese media, she said, “This is going to be a fun, exciting show.”

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    If she's 42 and still looks like that, niiiice!

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    Minogue, 42, is remembered in Japan for an all-star performance she gave here in March, 1991...

    How can one person give an "all-star" performance?

    ...using her sex appeal to beat out Japanese “idol” singers.

    Did she participate in a competition of some kind?

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    not exactly an obasan as Japanese women turn into- at 30....thats not me btw.

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    I really don,t know how aware the japanese public are about kylie minogue,she,s really well known in UK and Australia,gambare!!

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    Ooh, I want to see her. I love Kylie!

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    She has thunder legs. Playing a bit of rugby these days perhaps.

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    Who is she ?

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    That doesn't look like recent picture, maybe it's from that same 1991 performance? Check the UK tabloids for her current look...

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    Would be nice if she could lose that...ahem... acquired accent prior to coming

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    She might be better in SATC 3.

    Never was a fan of hers.

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    With sophisticated lyrics like, "Ner-ner-ner, ner-ne-ne-ne-ner", she should prove a hit.

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    I just can't get you otta my head... come off it, referring to her 1980s hits? Kylie is alittle more than that. Do some research!

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    didnt know she was famous, i just remember her "cant get you out of my head" song from a commercial. I thought she was just a one hit wonder, guess I learned something new. :)

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    ****Minogue, 42, is remembered in Japan for an all-star performance she gave here**** in March, 1991, ****using her sex appeal to beat out Japanese “idol” singers.****

    I doubt very much whether she's remembered in Australia, let alone Japan. That was ****nineteen years ago****.

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    She was a natural stunner until her recent love affair with Botox. Now when she smiles, only her mouth moves her cheeks, nose and forehead appear to be artificial because they simple refuse to move. It is very sad and very unnatural. Seems like she copied Nicole Kidman.

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    I Should Be So Lucky, Lucky,Lucky,Lucky. ;)

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