Lance Armstrong biopic in the works from Paramount, J.J. Abrams

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    As long as it depicts him as he really is, a liar with capital letters, it's ok with me.

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    No, please, no......there is no need to glamorize or even publicize this arse anymore.

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    it'll make for solid drama, plenty of juicy material for the scriptwriters to work with. It wont be a boring pic that is for sure No one will force you to watch it .

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    He'll need the book sales ....he owes about 12 mil to one company alone. There's enough liars and cheats out there that will be looking to improve on their own methods so I'm sure these books will sell like hot cakes .......followed by a movie .....who directed the wrestler ???

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    What is it going to be called?

    It's All about the Spike

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    I would rather see a movie about Greg Lemond.

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    HA! Who says cheaters never win?

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    Why? The guy is as fake as they come. Until he cheated, he was pretty much just an arrogant nobody who had done nothing remarkable during his previous Tours. To think I actually admired this guy once and believed him for a time makes me almost want to gag. He lied and destroyed people on his way to the top and is not even remotely remorseful, it seems. The best thing to do is to let him rot into oblivion, not give him more publicity. Actually, his story fits right in with the Hollywood way of doing things.

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    I feel sorry for the silly doofuses who would pay out money to view such a film.

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    JJ Abrams means this movie will be the story about a cancer stricken guy who took medicine to get in shape, conquered the bike racing world, and then gets sent on a metaphysical journey to a place that could be normal, but is not quite our world. And with a ton of lens flare

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    Will there be lensflare coming off the tip of the needle?

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    Fine IF lance doesn't get a penny from it. Is there anything this guy won't try and get made into TV or movies?

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    José Simón Álvarez-Benavides

    I agree with most comments in this forum. I have seen bits and pieces of Mr. Armstrong's interview with Ms. Winfrey and went away with the impression that Lance Armstrong does not particularly appear to be remorseful about his misdeeds while competing as a professional cyclist. He also came across as a most cold and calculating person. It almost seems as if he went public to finally confess as part of an strategy which represents the elongation of his original sins. I did not hear him say sorry for what he did nor did I hear him apologize for cheating. In conjunction with what others have already said, we run the risk of glamourizing someone who has lied to everybody for no good reason other than his own personal interest. As Wotond says, we need now to make sure we do not waist too much time on Mr. Armstrong and refocus our attention to proper sports people like Greg Lemond or Miguel Induráin. Both of these cyclists won a number of Tours in a clean and sporty manner. These are the rôle models that young people should aspire to become. Not a cold, calculating and cynical cheat.

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    My idea is that he's cast as the Khan for the new Trek movie: An enhanced and altered villain who zips about the galaxy trying to cover up and deny his insidious program.


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    I agree with the majority of comments made. I feel there is far too much time spent on questioning, analyzing and profiting from the rotten elements of something such as sport. We should celebrate the legitimate competitors who truly work tirelessly for the good of their events, their teams and their fans. The bad apples should be swept under the carpet and forgotten about..the ultimate punishment for someone who loves the praise of winning so much they will cheat to keep it coming. Disgraceful.

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