'Les Miserables' relies on close-ups for emotional punch

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    Looks like another one my wife will force me to see lol

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    Opposite here. This is one I have to prod my fiancee to see.

    'Have read the book twice (unfortunately in English, but it was a good translation). 'Have seen les Mis in Boston. Beautiful. Powerful. For any 'sex.'

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    Victoria Maude

    Seeing this tomorrow on a Christmas date! <3 Very much looking forward to it.

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    Saw it yesterday. Overall it was good, but the insistence on constant close-ups got old quick. There's a lot going on in the world but you just don't get to see enough of it. I would pay serious cash to be able to see this movie again, filmed with a little more movement and a few wider camera shots, just to mix it up a little.

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    Looks like another one my wife will force me to see lol.

    Grateful mine doesn't have the desire to watch it. A book, a play,and now a movie? Mou ii. Though HJ and RC are pretty cool guys.

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