Madonna crowned top music earner in 2012

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    Madonna, a shrewd business women is amazingly creative, hardworking and a perfectionist. She is one of the best pop and recording artist of all time. Regardless of whether people love her or hate her facts are facts and that's what haters can't stand. Top touring artist, top selling female artist album sales, top selling female singles sales, female with most number one sales, female with number one album and the list of records, achievements and awards goes on and on. Just check out the McGuiness Book of World Record and the World Record Academy for proof. She is the queen of pop of all times and the most successful female recording artist with over 300 million in record sales in multiple third-party reliable sources. There are several female artist in second place that have 200 million in record sales. On top of that Madonna has had immeasurable influence on many other well-known recording artist. In fact many want to replicate her success and credibility.

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    Huge props to Madonna.

    When did she come on the scene? 1984?

    Wow, those numbers say huge things about not just her singing but her business nous.

    Big congrats.

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    ... and people try to compare gaga to her...

    not even in the same universe!

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    =the music industry (the bigs) is in a sad state. The cd selection is really limited in stores also. The only positive I see is vinyl sales for the big acts and many smaller acts getting notoriety on the internet and making small money off internet (iTunes etc) sales. The music itself have never been better if you know what to look for. Popular music pushed by the media is mostly refurbished unoriginal crap.

    Van Halen cancelled about half of their tour dates and still was #4. =Madonna is obviously physically and mentally stronger than hard-rockers at this point it seems.

    I also see people going old school in the stereo equipment (pre Dolby Digital) =Getting away from 5.1/7.1/8.1 and going to a more of a direct line out with little to no processing. Time to bust out the records/vinyls once again and maybe even go mono.

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    Madonna crowned top music earner in 2012

    And sticks her middle finger to those who call her over the hill and irrelevant. She has the last laugh.

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    Graham DeShazo

    Sorry but she can't sing and never could. Creative as in good at riding waves that others created. Proof positive that talent and commercial success are not the same thing.

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