Madonna leads top-grossing tours

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    Madonna, Springsteen, Waters.... Just goes to show older people (gen-x, baby boomers, and beyond) have much different values and a lot more disposable money it seems than (Gen -y and below) They are still willing to drop $$$ on seeing their time trusted favorites. I would go to see Madonna, have liked her since the 80"s, she may have done a few odd things here and there of late but she is a legend. One of my students tried to tell me Lady Gaga was better than Madonna, better at what? Costume design? come see me in about 28 years times and we will put their careers and accomplishments side by side and compare them then. Gaga has let herself go already! The greatest selling female artist of all time, look at the list: Beatles, Elvis, Michael Jackson , Madonna, Elton John, Led Zeppelin, that is some pretty tight company to be among, she is the highest grossing touring solo artist of all time

    ABBA even gave her permisison to sample one of their songs! (hitherto an unheard of act by ABBA) Look at some of her awards, for example Madonna has won twenty MTV video music awards awards from a total of sixty-eight nominations, more than any other artist ever. you could go on.

    Knock her all you want. she's a legend.

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    "Top-grossing" is the name of Madonna's new reality show where we see her without the makeup.

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    One of the most successful tours in history by the greatest female touring artist ever....Hopefully these honors won't diminish the hunger for a new musical direction. No wonder she's a stressed out mess right now. :)

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    "Top-grossing" is the name of Madonna's new reality show where we see her without the makeup.

    hahahahahah! That really made me laugh, thanks for that sourpuss.

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    Bartholomew Harte

    I'm Grossed Out just thinking about it!

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    Graham DeShazo

    Pretty impressive....considering that he never actually learned to sing. Ugh, I miss Rock and Roll.....

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    This old chicken is #1??

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