'Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence' director Oshima dies at 80

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    one of the greatest Japanese directors of all time.... Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence was a puff piece compared to his other work....

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    While he's not on the same level as Ishiro Honda or Akira Kurosawa, this man definitely has a vision and succeeded at pushing the envelope. He got all the credit, but some of the people who worked for him were just as responsible for the acclaim of his films. Nevertheless, his movies are interesting and provocative, albeit not exactly wholesome family entertainment.

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    Brilliant director. Probably next in line after Kurosawa, if not better, although you also have to give it to Kurosawa for being so prolific. RIP, Mr. Oshiro.

    And a big kudos as well to Sakamoto's scoring for the movie -- excellent soundtrack.

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    Oshima pretty much coasted on his reputation for years, spending more time as a quiz show contestant than he did making films.

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    Though it has been years since his death, I would like to add Yasujiro Ozu as one of the greats especially his Tokyo Story. My favourite actors Chishu Ryu and Setsuko Hara appeared in many of his films. Setsuko Hara gives a brilliant performance in Akira Kurosawa's No Regrets for Our Youth, far different from the demure roles she played in Ozu"s films. Thanks be for DVDs or one would not be able to see many of these great films.

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    The passage

    Ai no Corrida - saw it in the UK in a Japanese film festival. Last few minutes were pretty disturbing, but go and see it (rent it). Sadly, it will be pixelated here which will take a lot of the punch out of the film.

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    As a young woman, I had the good fortune to see "Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence". As an American, I enjoyed seeing a different side to WW2. One that showed us as humans and not just enemies. I wish that I could have seen more of Oshima's films.

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    I've never seen Ai no Corrida but I did see "Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence." It may not have been as shocking at Ai no Corrida but it was very good never the less. I think the difficulty of Oshima's topics made him less "successful" than Kurosawa, et. al. but he was a great director.

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    "The Empire of Passion" was the film that shocked and absorbed me. Brilliant and disturbing. But Mizoguchi and Naruse have to be mentioned among the greatest directors. Mizoguchi was Kurosawa's senpai and the man Kurowawa thought was the greatest ever. Oshima certainly got people's attention, though.

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