Rie Hasegawa promotes Tohoku fruit and vegetables


Actress Rie Hasegawa on Wednesday helped to launch a special event by agricultural co-op ZEN-NOH to promote fruit and vegetables from the Tohoku region.

Hasegawa, who attended as a vegetable sommelier, said, “I really want to let people know that produce from most of the Tohoku region is still safe. There are six prefectures and they need our help.”

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    Good enough for me. A celebrity "vegetable sommelier" says that "produce from most of the Tohoku region is still safe." Even though there is no actual wide-spread testing/standards in place to support that statement. But, typical Japanese thinking, they believe that small detail can be overcome by just having a pretty celebrity say it's OK.

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    "a vegetable sommelier"

    That sounds like a great job!

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    Supporting the farmers is noble. Supporting the farmers by buying and eating contaminated food not so smart. I still can't believe this is safe.

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    She knows the produce is safe from radiation because she is a vegetable sommelier. I want to eat more and more Tohoku produce from now on.

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    About 17 years from now, we'll see "cancer sommeliers" and celebs on TV recommending popular brands of chemotherapy drugs and radiation treatment centers.

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    But, typical Japanese thinking, they believe that small detail can be overcome by just having a pretty celebrity say it's OK.


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    umm.. let's qualify 'safe'. ND (Not Detected) figures for Cesium in produce means it isn't detectable at 1 Bq or so by the capacity of the testing equipment...it doesn't mean it isn't there. Look at the temporary standard threshold limits for Cesium and other nasties in food and beverages set by the Japanese government.They are higher than the rest of the world, and higher than the stats for Nuclear waste. 500 Bq/KG for Cesium 137 and 2000 Bq/KG for iodine 131. safe? safer than what? http://happy-net.jp/uploader/kizyunti_e.pdf

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    That is one scary pdf. I hope everyone realizes that in government 'temporary' means 'permanent.'

    When an area of the world with 30 years experience with radioactive food (Belarus) is recommending NO MORE than 100 Bq/kg and Japan is allowing 2000 Bq/kg, I think it's time for celebrity vegetable sommeliers to shut the fruit up. It's also time for the citizens - the voters and taxpayers - to demand effective screening and controls based on science, not economics, politics, or bribery.

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    So when people start getting horrible cancers, and the birth defects start, then will this idiotic female who has encouraged supporting farmers over people's health cry? Apologise? Admit that eating this contaminated produce has contributed to the problem? Or just count the money she has earnt from promoting contaminated food and carry on smiling for the camera.

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    I sent a note to the scooter store in Florida to have her be their spokeswoman. She might be able to help with exports to there from here, and the veggies there to here. Surfing ashita. Yeah

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    I look forward to my new Eco friendly vegetable reading light!

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    Ms. Hasegawa will surely receive free produce from the Tokhoku region for this promotion gig, whereas she will promptly throw it in the trash.

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    Wow! That is a relief.Here I was thinking that this is the worst nuclear accident in the history of the world. I am going down to the supa to stock up on Tohoku veg right now-hope that there is still some left !

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    I wholly support the poor people who have suffered and continue to suffer but seriously, given the choice, any person buying any produce from Tohoku right now surely needs their sanity testing

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    It's not just Tohoku though, is it? What about nearby Gunma and Ibaraki?

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    What do actresses do? They act, they pretend. That's what this is, a dramatization, a fiction, a fallacy. MOST Tohoku veggies are safe? My ass.

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    Da Vid

    Dudes, come on.. What is with the negative comments? If you are not a fan of Japan, why are you interest in their news? Especially since this website is JAPANtoday.com. Wise up.

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    I think it would be much better if she was to promote herself. It would be much safer and much more better to do that than to promote a radiated place that has been destroyed by TEPCO and the Government of Japan.

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    OK... ten kids between 6-16 years old were found to have radiation in their urine in Fukushima today. One eight year girl old had 1.13 Bq/L of cesium 134 and one six year old boy had 1.30 Bq/L of Cesium 137 in their pee. These samples were taken by a French medical NGO at the end of May and indicate internal radiation poisoning. http://sankei.jp.msn.com/affairs/topics/affairs-14707-t1.htm This is happening today in JAPAN. This is why some of us living in JAPAN are discussing it and trying to share information that is circulating in JAPAN in JAPANESE, for there are some on this board who live near the reactors and have families to protect, who may not be lucky enough to be able to read the scarce information available in JAPANESE but come to JapanToday to find such information.I think that is very wise indeed.

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    An unwise promotion like this can make one and one's entire career radioactive.

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    Da Vud? Who are you? Lots of great negative comments here and we appreciate them. Keeps us on our toes!

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    Well, most of the northern Tohoku area (pretty far from Fukushima) is probably not so radioactive, and the veggies are probably fine (meaning no worse than veggies in New York, for example). Stuff from southern areas like Miyagi makes me nervous, though, and I won't buy it.

    The problem is that everyone has to insert the word probably because there still needs to be very reliable and transparent testing that everyone can trust. Honestly, I don't know how Tohoku should proceed, since all trust in institutions that are supposed to protect the public has been lost. People are angry, and now think everything they hear is a lie.

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    I am surprised that any media personality would put the stamp of approval on edibles from Tohoku. Send her and her family into the fields to pick something, give her a bottle of water to wash off the dirt/pesticides and let's watch her take a bite.

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    If you are not a fan of Japan, why are you interest in their news? Especially since this website is JAPANtoday.com.

    Da Vid -- Huh? In case you missed it, Japan is in the midst of a serious crisis TODAY. (Hence appropraiteness for Japan Today.) At least part of which was a result of incompetence/complete lack of leadership. So being critical of the continued problems, especially since there are extracting significant costs on the residents, is perfectly legitimate. In fact, IMO, just shrugging your shoulders and saying "shoganai" is the real crime. Supporting the re-building effort is clearly called for. But not raising a voice to make sure it is done in a more intelligent manner than what has been displayed so far, is just foolish.

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    Actress Rie Hasegawa should be promoting Prussian Blue tablets to be taken IF YOU are consuming Fruits and Vegetables from a region known to have cesium levels in their produce, seafood, meat, air, water and soil.

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    Marion Wm Steele

    Sommelier (steward) is bringing fruits and vegatables to the marketplace and you have to make a decision as to whether you will put them on the table to partake from them. I would say that washing and peeling the vegatables should be enough and cooking them will assure that they be edible. "otherwise" buy your vegetables in the can. I would also remind you the vegetables are fertilized with manure.

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    Let's see Rie Hasegawa sit in a field, pull the veggies out of the ground or off a bush or vine, wash it off with local well water, then eat it. If she can down a variety of veggies this way, then I'll believe her just a little. And no stage props either ...

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    That culture of sacrifice for the group is being torn apart, I know ,man Japanese who will not do this to 'help', there is a growing background noise of, 'No' and respect 'my way'. Older people, sure, and most of the population is old, over 60s should be the ones to get involved, leave younger generations out of it.

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    The government has shown no interest whatever in checking vegetables to make sure they meet Japan's unusually lax standards for radioactive consumption. Those checking, in the rare instances that checking is done, are representatives of producers' associations. The government announced the other day that it would accept checks in at least 3 spots in a particular area (I've seen no word on how large the area might be, a farm, a valley, a town?) instead of actually checking the produce itself. The mayor of Matsumoto, a physician who spent 5 years treating child victims of Chernobyl, said that children should not ingest anything with radioactive contamination from this disaster. Until the government develops an interest in protecting its citizens, consumers should avoid anything that might be contaminated.

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