Rolling Stones rock London in first of 50-year shows

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    50-year shows? Those are long shows.

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    I wonder, are they offering reduced ticket prices for other pensioners?

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    Londoners always have to pay through their noses for tickets. Look at how much Olympic tickets cost? 1 ticket at the London Olympics cost the same as 10 tickets for the Beijing Olympics.

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    gone in 7 minutes? - the tickets were indeed way too cheap ;).

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    The Stones continue to roll !

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    $650 for a standard seat, eh? And that's for the fortunate who got a ticket directly from the promoter. The scalpers must be getting thousands, ha ha!

    Hey, something is worth... someone finish this for me, please.

    Hey, the Strolling Bones had better stroll their bones over to Japan!

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    gone in 7 minutes? - the tickets were indeed way too cheap ;).

    Yes, and no. If I were a betting man, I'd wager that the majority of the tickets were snapped-up by "re-sellers" (i.e. legal scalpers) via a direct link to the ticket seller's site as soon as sales were opened. They always get priority on these types of sales because they are the guarantee that the event will be "Sold Out in seven minutes..." contributing to the hype over the event. They then turn the monopoly they have in available seats into huge profit-taking... sometimes adding a 200 to 300% mark-up over the face value of the tickets. While it's entirely possible the concert would have sold out without this chicanery by the resellers, it most likely would have taken days rather than minutes to do so.

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    Truly amazing. Not just their age, but also the unity that they have continued to maintain for so long. There must be something really pure that they mutually share, ie something other than money which I'm sure they are no longer that much attached to.

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    milking every bit out of a few hits.

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