Russell Crowe calls 'Noah' criticism 'irrational'

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    Dennis Bauer

    Strange i would say the same about Russell Crowe's acting. :p

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    If publishing a cartoon of Mohammed will gets you killed, I doubt you want to appear in a movie playing him.

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    I don't think Russell Crowe has the grandeur of Charlton Heston. The sight of Charlton coming down from Mount Sinai in his robes with his hair freshly highlighted was pure, over-the-top, magnificent pomposity. I don't think there is an actor, past or present, who could have pulled that off. I honestly believe that one of the reasons Hollywood hasn't made more biblical epics is that Charlton has gone upstairs to blow away a few angels in midflight.

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    Mchihiya Junior

    Very interesting indeed to tell the story to million people who do not read Holly Bible!

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    Patricia Yarrow

    Nice one, Jimizo! Personally, I am glad R.Crowe is not C.Heston, who was a legend to himself. I adored Heston the actor, fresh highlighting and all :-), but not the narrow-minded man himself...Crowe is a good guy as far as I have heard. Magnificent, intelligent, and believable actor.

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    Stephen Knight

    “Noah” has been the subject of controversy with some religious groups claiming the story has been inaccurately portrayed.

    So these groups claim to have possession of an "accurate" version of the story ???

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    I don't believe a single word of it!

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    Its a fantasy flick, just go or not & don't be worried about whether it portrays the "real story" as it says in the blurb its just a story, simple as that

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    It's plain and simple. A secular and biblically incorrect movie with a storyline that doesn't exactly follow the Bible's. If you want to read the true story it's in the Bible, Genesis chapter 6-8. Noah's son were adults when they entered the ark and were all married. God's plan was to continue life. The issue was men's hearts had grown corrupt, wicked, perverse, violent, and far beyond imagination. They a chance to repent. For over 100 years, Noah warned them of coming judgment because God is patient and not willing that any should perish. They refused. For over 100 years they refused to give up their wickedness. God said, "No More." In the end wickedness was never happiness.

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    Stephen Knight

    Ah yes, the "true story"... and Moses was how old at the time? And how long ago did this all take place?

    The fact remains, it's just a movie.

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    I am not a believer, but lets say tomorrow there was undeniable truth to this story, that would make god a very nasty dude/ette now wouldn't it, clearly must of have plants & animals had to be taken out horribly on a massive scale, nasty nasty stuff, but thankfully its just a story, so go & see the flick kick back & enjoy a story.

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