SCI FI Channel to begin broadcasting throughout Japan


Jupiter Telecommunications Co and NBC Universal International announced Tuesday that the science-fiction, fantasy, and supernatural-phenomenon themed SCI FI Channel will begin broadcasting throughout Japan via J:COM Digital Broadcasting service starting April 1.

Since its initial broadcasting in the U.S. in 1992, the SCI FI Channel has extended its broadcasting audience across more than 30 different countries worldwide. With science fiction as the main theme, the SCI FI Channel takes great pride in its diverse TV programming. From high-fantasy and super-hero adventures to stimulating near-future dramas, a variety of original titles and shows will be appearing for the first time in Japan. Japanese viewers can expect to receive original programming created specifically for them.

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    Sweet. I enjoyed SCI FI channel in the US and I look forward to seeing what the Japanese will come up with on their own. Perhaps we'll get to see some great YOU NI MO KIMYOUNA MONOGATARI reruns along with TWILIGHT ZONE as well.

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    Subtitled or overdubbed voices?

    Discovery channel used to subtitled but last year became overdubbed.

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    In almost all cases for Discovery, etc you can switch between the original language and Japanese, using that funny rectangular thing with the buttons. Or just check the schedule as the shows are repeated during the week.

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    Awsome news, I hope they will be doing X-File marathons like they did in the States. Ah, felt good, the inner nerd has had his say.

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    But Reality channel is removed to make way for it, so it is not so good, is it?

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    Awesome! I will be watching Science Fiction movies and my favorite X-Files.

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    Interesting. One of my first exposures to anime came from watching the SCI FI channel at about 3AM on a Saturday morning. They showed "Armitage 3". Lately, they've been showing a lot of developed shows they created special for their own channel. I hope you all enjoy it.

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    Excellent. I just hope they don't rename it "Essu-effu Channeru."

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