'Sesame Street' nears 1 billion views on YouTube

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    "Don't be surprised if Count von Count shows up to ponder such a big number"

    Hee hee, the Count cracks me up every time.

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    Surf O'Holic

    Time to cut the umbilical. SSW should have been a private charitable entity from its inception.

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    Steve Christian

    I am just surprised Elmo has not been shunned by parents in North America. Then again, I guess the scandal did not arrive soon enough to affect last year's results.

    Not that I have a problem. Those two guy's were obviously not upset about their time with the muppeteer, and they were not saying he cornered them or forced them or anything like that. In fact, they gave no reason for talking now, so forgive me if I assume it was fame or money or both. But I expect American parents to act like Elmo is now nothing but hidden sexual innuendo making their kids targets for predators, cuz, you know, that is what American parents do.

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