SMAP shop to open in Tokyo's Akasaka Sacas


A shop devoted to merchandise featuring popular male pop group SMAP will open for a limited time at Akasaka Sacas in Tokyo.

The GIFT from SMAP SHOP will include costumes, DVDs, booklets, CDS and other gift items.

“This store is a way of showing our appreciation to our fans,” SMAP member Shingo Katori, 35, told reporters. “I hope everyone will feel that when they visit. I am planning to stop by there as well.”

The store will be open from Dec 5 until Jan 6, 2013.

Japan Today

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    Owwwhhh! The middle age metrosexual talentless men! I'd love to take a visit on your vanity shop.

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    “This store is a way of showing our appreciation to our fans,”

    Of course! I knew I was missing something when I thought it was a way to scrounge more money out of them. It was silly of me to think a shop might be a commercial venture and not just a way of expressing their sincere gratitude by selling things to their fans.

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    more like wanting the fans to say thank you by shelling out money for things they don`t need.

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    Fan appreciation. Right! Money grab!

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    I put my hand up to manage the AKB48 shop! Its popularity would be astounding compared to these aging pop queens!

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    Not a fan of anybody although I like music from certain artists.

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    KimuTaku will stop by as well?

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    So, where is this store located? Exactly?

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      Akasaka Sacas

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    Wow, I first visited Japan in '89 and i think these guys were just coming into the scene...amazed they are still around..

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