Tamaki heating things up with Noriko Aota


Anzen Chitai vocalist Koji Tamaki, 51, and “talent” Noriko Aota, 42, appeared together in front of the media on Sunday for the first time since it was discovered the two had become an item. Aota was accompanying Tamaki on his trip to Taiwan where Anzen Chitai will kick off their Asian tour.

Holding each other’s hands, the pair announced they were not legally married but said: “We’re living together and having sex.”

On the same day, Tamaki’s ex, actress Mari Ishihara, 46, posted on her blog a declaration that the two had separated.

A few days prior, Tamaki had said on a television program that, “Mari used to say that I would just sing for her. But there’s no way we could be together.”

Regarding the comment, Ishihara wrote, “I helped him with his mind, his heart, his life, his soul and his songs. In such a position, I don’t think I could say something like ‘He’s just singing for me.’”

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    I'm glad to hear that at least one couple is getting it on in this sex-less country...

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    CallIt, speak for yourself. I am enjoying myself immensely! I feel for ya dawg!

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    This is both sad and silly. Sad people actually care about what a has-been singer and no-talent "talent" are doing. And silly that they have to announce to the world like teenagers that they are doing it. Truly is a country of 12 year-olds.

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    The last thing I need to know is if two minor Japanese celebrities are having sex or not.

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    Holding each other’s hands, the pair announced they were not legally married but said: “We’re living together and having sex.

    This is a very classy couple...

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    A couple of things...


    What exactly does that mean?

    “We’re living together and having sex.”

    Was it really necessary to be so specific in the details?

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    A couple of things... “talent” What exactly does that mean?

    A little of bit of internet research could answer that for you, but I would think coming to a Japan-oriented site you should already know the answer . .

    Talent is a generic term here for someone that is famous for being famous. It is not an indication of having an actual ability other than breathing.

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    What exactly does that mean?


    Probably would be more appropriate to write 'tarento' since it's a japanese word.

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    Sice they are having sex we need to know more, such as how many times, positions, deviant acts etc.

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    Intriguing that they say they are living together but not specifically stating that the sex is with each other, if one would ever deign to admit to being remotely interested in such things, ahem.

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    This couple is over the age of not wanting to know about their sex life.

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    I could tell she was a talent just by looking at her.

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    good for them...sex is good!

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    Koji Tamaki and Noriko Aota at Narita airport.

    Kyodo news reports they had sex shortly thereafter...

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    "We’re living together and having sex"

    What a great thing to say to the press.

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    "We’re living together and having sex"

    It's T.M.I., but talk about preemptive strike. Bet the press won't have any questions left to ask now...

    But, dude got a girlfriend almost ten years younger. Score! ;P

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    "We’re living together and having sex".

    Obviously a gentleman. But what can you expect from a guy who said about his last relationship, "I will love and protect her forever".

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    “We’re living together and having sex.”

    We need to start teaching Japanese some euphemisms for having sex... unless the couple actually said it that bluntly in ****nihongo.****

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    From the original article:


     玉 「そんなことは言う必要がない。暮らしてても、暮らしてなくても、2人でセックスはしてます!よろしく!」


    When did you start living together?

    Tamaki: I don't have to answer that. Whether we're living together or not, the two of us are having sex! Thanks!

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